Upgrade the landscape...

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The walkway was crowding the Japanese maple, so J.S. moved the walk... ... and gained eight feet of "foundation bed." Wonderful! 

...make a deep foundation

I decided to move the walkway to give more room to the Japanese maple, and prune that tree less. That just made the whole foundation bed deeper. I love it! - J.S. -


We're so glad you did, and that you invited us to take a look. We'd love to see everyone break out into deeper foundation plantings. We'd be able to eliminate quite a bit of pruning, and have more color.

Most homes no longer need the extra insulation and windscreen that dense shrubs at the foundation once provided. Most homeowners who add depth to plantings there are thrilled to be able to walk unhindered along the foundation to wash windows and paint.

Your landscape (above) is now a great example of how deep one can go, yet hardly even be noticed as unusual from the street view.

Below: Certainly, if a person takes this more unusual angle, the roominess is very apparent.


But room is not bad! Everywhere, there's room for things like small shrubs to have five feet and more to spread gracefully and have companion plants, too!

Room everywhere, including where we think a bit more solidity might be a good touch.

DEEPFnArwN3328s.jpg  DeepFndArwN3332s.jpg

Imagining" A low, mounded form to provide a break from the vertical shapes in the bed. Perhaps something with gold tones or orange... Yes! A shrub we were just admiring the other day, gold threadleaf falsecypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Mops'). It will need pruning to keep it from getting too tall, but you'll find what you need to do that, right here.

                                                      DeepFnMopdN3332s.jpg  DEEPFnMopdN3328s.jpg