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Another country heard from! We're so often amazed and delighted by what comes in the window when we leave it open, that we never think of closing it. 

We've been told we shouldn't list Contact Us as a main tab.

But it is truly a main tab item. We want to talk to you.

So, this is your gateway to Contact us to:


Become a sponsor

This link will take you to an explanation of our website Sponsorship program.

  • From there, you can look through our Sponsors' lists and suggested reading or
  • Go to the page to become a Sponsor.

Thank you for considering Sponsorship!


Send your thoughts...

...about our site and its operation, or to suggest information we should include here. You may send us an email at or give us a call: 248-681-7850.

(If a reply comes to you from our old address,, we apologize for any confusion that may cause. We've had that address for this work for almost 20 years, must keep it in transition a while and yet have habits regarding which buttons we push that may trip us up.)


Ask questions

If they are about the site: See "Thoughts," above.

If they concern your garden/landscape:

The Forum is the very best route to us. Post questions on our Forum. We are there every day to see what's new, and our expert friends are there, too. At the Forum you can  post photographs for problem diagnosis, drawings for help with designs, etc., to employ the 'picture worth 1,000 words' approach.

You must become a Member of our Forum to post the question. Casual visitors can read everything on our Forum but cannot post. Registering involves:

  • Create an Account (upper right of the Forum page). You establish a password and provide your email address.
  • This allows the Forum's program to verify the address as real, primarily so we have a way to ban SPAM-ers. It's also how we notify you when an answer is posted to your question. (You can elect such notification in your Member "notification setting.")
  • Please do not be concerned about your privacy in providing your email address. We do not sell or share email addresses. Only Steven and Janet see them at all, and that only in mailing out the weekly newsletter.

We cannot gurantee we can reply to all questions or whether there will be any delay. We take each day and season as it comes. In our 30 years in this position we have maintained a pretty high reply rate but it's never been 100%.

We do post questions on our Forum that come to us by phone or email. In that way we have the benefit of additional eyes and minds on the problem.


Inviting us to do a talk or workshop

We assume you have already been to the About Us section where we list our talks. In that case, you should send us an email ( or call 248-681-7850.


Seeing us in person:

Our upcoming appearances are listed in About Us.


Working with you in a garden

Email us ( or call 248-681-7850.



 Janet Macunovich & Steven Nikkila
6648 Ellinwood Dr.
White Lake, MI 48383