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What the forum's about

The forum is the place to post questions*, discuss news and opinions and surf for inspiration. You can go directly to a category that interests you and scroll through its topics, search for specific items anywhere on the board or check out the latest posts across the whole wide, deep field.

We hope you'll not only read, but post your own experiences and questions. That's how we've learned, and keep on learning -- by listening at the grapevine, and doing our own rattling of its branches.

* (You can also drop us an email; we answer directly. We do then take items from our individual emails and post them at the forum if we think the community there would like to know about them or add to them.)

So many plants, so many situations

In one lifetime, none of us can learn all the possibilities. Change one variable, from soil acidity to sowing date, neighboring plant or the gender of the dog that passes regularly, and a plant will grow differently. It may require frank talk with a dozen gardeners before you hit on the combination that might make the difference you want, or explain the one you saw. You can do that here, talking to one, a dozen or a hundred people all at once. It's exponential learning, possible when everyone gives and takes.


Have fun! Together we grow a community

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We have done such pop-up linking elsewhere on our site. We mean it to be as if you are  sitting in a chair with a great garden book and each time you think, "That's interesting, wonder where I can learn more about that?" someone appears at your elbow holding another book open right to the right page, and keeping it open there for as long as you want to see it. We hope you will tell us if it works that way for you or you'd rather see it done another way.


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