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Caring for Perennials

180 pages, color photographs by Steven Nikkila, soft cover

A unique approach to tending a perennial bed, following Janet from early spring to the end of the season in one big garden. It covers all the things you might ever need to do in a garden, in the seasons and sequence you are likely to encounter them. You learn what she does, why, and exactly how plants look and behave afterward. (Table of Contents)

Contains a novel, detailed reference chart that tells what to do, when for 70 top perennials. (A look at the chart.)

This all takes place in a real year and a real garden. It's practical and the explanations "why" fit so well into the overall picture that each successive step becomes simpler. (Sample text and photos.) For some, those steps have taken on a life of their own. A reader once summed up that effect:

I knew that what I needed was probably toward the end, in the fall chapters, but I took a look at the beginning and got so hooked on what would happen next that I read straight through from spring.


Advice in this book is applicable in all of temperate U.S. and Canada. The perennial  chart can be adapted in its timing to suit areas far south or north in that range.

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