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Designing Your Gardens and Landscape


First published in 1990 as Easy Garden Design, this work has stood the test of time to remain in print and in demand in a field where design books and fads come and go annually. Tens of thousands of gardeners own it and have given the green thumbs up to its step by step recipe for design. (Table of Contents.) Janet developed the recipe, has used it in designing hundreds of gardens and landscapes, and has taught to thousands of others since.

The friendly, quick-read text frequently elicits the comment, "I feel like she's talking right to me!" (Sample text and illustrations.)

A successful technique applicable world-wide. $19.00

150 pages, black and white illustrations by Janet, soft cover, spiral binding

This is exactly the simple, clear approach I need; thank you! 


I not only made a great new garden using your steps, I finally figured out and fixed what bothered me in a bed I already had.


What I really love is that it's just like Janet's there talking me through every bit.


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