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but they may not be what you expect!

Here's the department of quick forays into things worth doing each week of the year. Here are three ways to find what you need here, plus an explanation off the different formats:


1) Week by week calendar of what-to-do

First, we've begun compiling 20 years of newsletter highlights in a week-by-week calendar. We hope it's helpful and that you'll tell us how it works for you or how we can make it better.

If you're not in our same climate zone you can still use our calendar as a guide to gardening and to topics on this website. Simply use the season designation (winter, spring, summer, fall) rather than the month (February, May, July, October, etc.).


2) In-depth articles

We write new, in-depth articles each week and post them in the menu at left. We keep those pertinent to the current year and current season in that menu, then move them to our Ensemble Weekly editions, where you can find many years worth of articles organized by time of year when they will be most useful. On our calendar there are links to take you from quick tip to relevant in-depth articles.


3) Search

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Even in winter,   
things to do to   
make the whole  
growing season   




Season  Week of year (MI zone 5) Grow with us! This week we're:
Early winter  1            January  
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   5         February
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 Late winter  7  Cook with herbs enjoy garden smells
   8  Spread slow release organic fertliizer
 Choose new perennials
   9              March

 Exercise before going out!
 Increase water and fertilizer indoors
 Clip back indoor plants
 Prune young trees
 Rejuvenate overgrown shrubs
 Cut excess growth from Wisteria
 Cut back summer blooming shrubs
 Cut ornamental grasses to the soil


 Patrol for woody weeds
 Prune summer blooming shrubs
 Prune foliage shrubs to control size
 Prune shrubs to have fresh new canes
 Repot houseplants
 Resume fertilizing houseplants

 Early spring  11

 Keep cutting shrubs for new growth
 Cut evergreen herbs for new growth
 Check for deer/rabbit/vole damage.
 Cut back houseplants


 Check and repair sprinkler systems.
 Cut late blooming clematis to ground.
 Cut 1/3 canes out of hybrid clematis

   13  Clip climber rose to main canes & spurs
 Fix and clean trellises, decks, lights
   14 April  Spread slow release organic fertilizer.
 Weed beds beginning with edges.
 Divide perennials.
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   18 May
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 Late spring  21  
   23 June  
 Early summer  25  
   27 July
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   31 August  
 Late summer  33  
   36 September  
 Early fall  38  
   40 October
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   44 November  
 Late fall  47  
   49 December  
 Early winter  51  

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(What's your bet, Steven, will someone eventually ask about these photos?)