Instant answers April 26 2014

Will you help us begin the new order?


It's high time for the experience in this gardening community to merge with that fast paced crowd just beginning to plant trees, replace old shrubs, clip, dig and mow.

So we're designating April 26, 2014 from 10 am to 4 pm as Instant Answer day on our Forum. On that day we'll "camp out" at the Forum to help those who need to know, now, "What is this?" and "Can I cut this" or "Is this a weed or what?" Anyone new to or mystified by gardening or yardwork who has a smart phone or other internet device can take a photo, send it to our Forum with their question, and we'll get them an answer - stat.

Right, and below: It's fun to work in groups, to test yourself, to see great things accomplished through team effort.


The answer team forms:
Join us!

Our first partner in this effort is the Waterford Township Library, providing us a base of

    operations. You can join our answer team in person in
  the library's conference room. (5168 Civic Center Drive,
  Waterford, MI; bring a wireless-enabled laptop, tablet or
  smart phone if you have one.)

  Or you can field questions from your own home, by signing
  on to the Forum during our Instant Answer time and letting us
  know when you're ready to catch as we relay what's
  tossed in.

We also hope that everyone in this community will tell friends that April 26 is a very good day to tap into GardenAtoZ's thousands-strong advisory committee.


If you can help, send us an email. We're working out the
schedule now and can include you. Come for an
hour or the day,  in person as a virtual presence.


We know you, too, love to help others grow. Although we can't be there in person for all those new and inexperienced gardeners who'll venture out to do spring clean up, we'll lend a valuable virtual hand with Instant Answers. Join us on April 26, 2014.