Miss: No invitations to recent pruning

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No intention of cutting you out!

Hate to say it because you've obviously been busy, but you write that you've been pruning. We really learned so much when we could come watch you prune. How come you stopped inviting us? - J. -


Sorry! The Garden by Janet and Steven program is still alive. We included pruning and a variety of activities at the May 19 Detroit Zoo session, and you're invited again on June 2. Then the focus will be on planting annuals and cutting back spring bloomers.

Bookmark our calendar to see more dates as we post them.

As for the pruning-only sessions, we will do more of those. We haven't had as many lately because it's not our prime pruning season and time's so tight in spring. It's hard in spring to set up group activity dates, get them announced far enough in advance and keep all who register updated when weather and the general rush keep shifting the meeting times.

Fortunately, our main pruning seasons are in August and February when the pace slows. So, stay tuned.

Last time at the Detroit Zoo Garden by Janet & Steven, we weeded, divided, planted, transplanted, trained vines, deadheaded, made fencing, pruned a pleached pear... and called everything to a halt when our three youngest volunteers discovered monarch butterfly caterpillars.