Early Fall: Gardening that pays off before frosts come

When milkweed (Asclepias syriacus) seedpods dry and open, that's Early Fall. 

These ensemble editions of our What's Up! and Grow newsletters were written for Early Fall. They address what people see in Early Fall as well as what they could be doing then to have a more beautiful, productive, easy-care garden.

  • It's Early Fall from Mid-September to Mid-October or
  • When frosts begin


What's Coming Up 7: September, Overwinter tender plants, Mandevilla, scientific names, Sweden

What's Coming Up 8: September, Prune Wisteria, how much/how often to water, fertilizing with sludge

 What's Coming Up 9: Not here yet! Until we catch up inputting and
            reach the category of articles-already-compiled,
            see our CD Asking About Asters

What's Coming Up 10: Zucchini-less, salt damage, prune clematis, fall garden clean up

What's Coming Up 63: Failed perennials, Ligularia, fall leaves, tough divisions, lilac borer, fertilizer


What's Coming Up 60-62 and 112, 113: Not here yet! Working on it.
           Until then, see our CD Potting Up Perennials


What's Coming Up 111: Sand, hard soil, Japanese maple, prune burning bush, yew, hummingbird moth


What's Coming Up 114: Renew old lilac, borer, trees decline, shrubs for shade, shredding, invasives, branch collar

What's Coming Up 157: September, Chestnut harvest, rose pruning, potato scab

What's Coming Up 158: Prune weeping cherry, plants for under an oak, Dutchman's pipe

What's Coming Up 159: October, Hardy mums, pool area design, Lantana, lawn fungus, 45mph tamaracks

What's Coming Up 160: October, Dangerous lot line trees, allelopathy, voles, brown-out evergreens and much more

What's Coming Up 203: Weed violets, fall cuts, butterflies, aralia, roses

Growing Concerns 484: Drought damage, plant bulbs

Growing Concerns 485: Mold and mildew, winterizing a pond

Growing Concerns 533: September, Dividing grass, yuccas

Growing Concerns 534: Planting bulbs in clumps, resurrected redbud

Growing Concerns 535: September, Tulip bulb care, tomato care

Growing Concerns 536: October, African violet with long neck

Growing Concerns 537: Shade to sun garden, planting under eaves

Growing Concerns 584: Fertilize in fall, first hard frost

Growing Concerns 585: Store for next year, dogwood defoliators

Growing Concerns 586: Proper fertilization techniques, mulch all year

Growing Concerns 587: October, Sowing the lawn in late fall

Growing Concerns 588: Loosen Soil For Great Lawn  & Garden

Growing Concerns 689: Corn borer, Christmas cactus, cold houseplants, fall planting and care


Butterflies abound in early fall. Many people notice the large, boldy patterned monarchs and swallowtails but the gardeners love the colorful, small sulfurs and skippers, too. We also know they love and plant for them the flowers that make good landing platforms - they aren't hover-ers like hummingbirds! -- and have many flowers in a cluster, as in the center of each Aster.