What's Coming Up 160: Dangerous lot line trees, allelopathy, voles, brown-out evergreens and much more

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Dangerous lot-line trees that worry new neighbors

Leaves as mulch, black walnut included

Plants killing plants all too common

How far to cut perennials in fall: Woody, herbaceous, Hibiscus, peony, sage

Vole patrol: Protect your Hibiscus, boxwood, falsecypress!

Springtime for daff splitting

Evergreens that brown in fall

Lifespan of a needle

Plant problem diagnosis, Internet style

Tomatoes in the dishwasher

Starlings beating grubs

Craigslist to share plants

Gardener, guard your eyes

How deep to winter Dahlias

More on hardy mums

Cold Impatiens, exit stage right

Gardeners, share that food!

Acid comments about needle mulch


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 Needle retention, leaf persistence of many evergreen species on pages 10-12:

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allelopathic plants, plants that kill plants
allelopathic, plant toxic to other plants
Andromeda, Japanese andromeda, Pieris japonica, leaf retention
Anemone, bulb planting and bulb division
annual sunflower, allelopath
apple, Malus, allelopath
arborist to assess tree safety, potential for breakage
arborvitae, Eastern arborvitae, white cedar, Thuja occidentalis, needle retention
arborvitae, oriental arborvitae, Thuja orientalis, Platycladus orientalis, needle retention
arborvitae, Thuja, how long needles last
arborvitae, giant arb, western cedar, Thuja plicata, needle retention
assess trees on a property
azalea, rhododendron, foliage persistence
blue cedar, Atlas blue cedar, Cedrus atlantica, leaf retention
boxwood, Buxus damaged by voles
boxwood, Buxus, leaf longevity years
bulb planting, determine which end is up in planting hole
ulbs under tree, digging to reach bulbs
camellia, leaf persistence
Canada thistle, allelopath
cedar of Lebanon, Cedrus libani, needle retention
cedar, Atlantic cedar, Chamaecyparis thyoides, needle persistence
cherry laurel, Prunus laurocerasus, leaf retention
cool weather promotes flowers
crab grass, allelopath
cutting back in fall, look at plant's growth buds to determine if and how far
cypress, Arizona cypress, Cupressus arizonica, foliage retention
cypress, Italian cypress, Cupressus sempervirens, needle persistence
daffodils no longer flower well
Dahlia, sensitive to cold
dangerous trees
daphne, leaf longevity
decay in tree limb
depth of winter protection pit for tender perennials
dividing bulbs
drain field affected by tree roots
elm, Siberian elm, Ulmus pumila, weak limbs snap in storms
Euonymus, evergreen Euonymus, leaf retention
Evergreens' foliage retention, needles persist years
eye care, eye protection
eye protection while cutting back in fall
fall leaves as mulch
falsecypress, Alaska falsecypress, Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, needle persistence
falsecypress browning foliage in interior, Chamaecyparis obtusa
falsecypress, Chamaecyparis damaged by voles
falsecypress, Hinoki falsecypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa, leaf persistence
falsecypress, Sawara falsecypress, Chamaecyparis pisifera, foliage persistence
firethorn, Pyracantha, leaf retention
foundation cracks, basement walls and tree roots
Fritillaria, bulb planting and bulb division
gardener working after foot surgery
gardener's health and safety, eye protection
grapeholly, Mahonia, foliage persistence
grubs, chafer or Japanese beetle
grubs, controlled by starlings
grubs, timing of control measures
hang tomato vines indoors to ripen last fruit
hardy mums
heavenly bamboo, Nandina domestica, leaf retention
Hebe, leaf persistence

hemlock, Tsuga species, needle retention
herbaceous perennial, defined
Hibiscus moscheutos, fall cut back
Hibiscus, damaged by voles
holly, Ilex, leaf retention
horsechestnut allelopath
Hyacinthus, Dutch hyacinth, propagation, score the basal plate
impatiens sensitive to cold, impatiens cold damage
impatiens, cold hardiness
included bark
International Society of Arboriculture
juglone affects plant growth
juniper, Juniperus, needle retention
Kentucky bluegrass, allelopath
lambs' quarters, allelopath
magnolia, southern magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora, leaf longevity
Miscanthus ornamental grass, allelopath
mountain laurel, Kalmia latifolia, leaf remains on branch years
mum, chrysanthemum, hardy mum, allelopath
mum, hardiness
mums protected by own stems, do not cut over winter
needle retention, needle lifespan
needle shed very noticeable
needles suddenly brown
needles, normal fall drop, needle retention number of years

neighbor's trees worrisome
nut sedge, allelopath
oak, live oak, Quercus virginiana, leaf retention years
overwinter dahlia, bury tender perennial to overwinter
peony, Paeonia, fall cut back
perennial ryegrass, allelopath
perennials, cut back in fall
perennial exchanges, Craigslist plant sharing
Perovskia, fall cut back
pine needle mulch not acidic
pine, Bosnian pine, Pinus heldreichii, needle persistence
pine, bristlecone pine, Pinus aristata, needle persistence
pine, eastern white pine, Pinus strobus, needle persistence
pine, jack pine, Pinus banksiana, needle persistence
pine, Japanese black pine, Pinus thunbergii, needle persistence
pine, Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora), needle persistence
pine, Japanese red pine, Pinus densiflora, needle persistence
pine, Japanese white pine, Pinus parviflora, needle persistence
pine, Korean pine, Pinus koraiensis, needle persistence
pine, lacebark pine, Pinus bungeana, how long needles live
pine, limber pine, Pinus flexilis, how long needles last
pine, loblolly pine, Pinus taeda, how long needles last
pine, Macedonian pine, Pinus peuce, how long needles are held
pine, mugo pine, Pinus mugo, how long needles remain on the branch
pine, ponderosa pine, Pinus ponderosa, how long needles last
pine, red pine, Pinus resinosa, how long needles persist before falling
pine, Scotch pine, Scots pine, Pinus sylvestris, how long needles last
pine, Swiss stone pine, Pinus cembra, how long needles are held on the branch
plum yew, Cephalotaxus, needle retention
potato, allelopath
problem diagnosis via Internet
pruning to protect from falling tree branches
pruning, cutting back perennials in fall
quack grass, allelopath
red fescue, allelopath
Romence Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI
roots, cutting tree roots that threaten building foundation
roots, reducing damage from digging around tree roots
septic field affected by tree roots
split daffodils, Narcissus division
starlings eating grubs
Sue Purcell
sycamore, Platanus, allelopath
tomatoes ripen in dishwasher
tomatoes in dishwasher
tree limb over garage may fall
tree roots problem for foundation
tree weakness symptoms, warning signals, trunk wrinkles, increasing lean
trees likely to fall
vegetable gardeners share with food bank
voles, vole control
walnut, Juglans nigra, black walnut affects plants in its root zone
weeds that are allelopathic
winter interest after fall perennials cut back
yew, Taxus species, needle retention



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