What's Coming Up 8: Prune Wisteria, watering, fertilize with sludge

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Watering: How often? (Or: The rain that came lasts how long on my plain?)

Pruning to trick a wisteria into bloom

Mulling over Milorganite and other sludge-based fertilizers

Fall is for fertilizing... isn't it?

Leaf color stars in the 45mph garden

Will a touch of cinnamon make roses healthier?

In our gardens: Check root growth, lift cannas, save seeds, the last tomatoes



Photos below, right: In this issue we explain why you should cut off all thin unbranched canes of a wisteria and cut branches back to the stubby spurs, each March and July!

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Chemical cues to wisteria bloom WU8WisteriaCanes4793s.jpg WU8WisteriaSpur4790s.jpg
Chinese wisterias
Cinnamon as fungicide
clay soil
Curing tubers
decomposed organic soil
dry soil
End of season tomatoes
Fertilizer, chart form
Fertilizer, how much, when to apply
Fertilizer, to use
Fertilize with sludge
Gardenviews, Northville, Michigan
How to make a Wisteria bloom
juvenile wood, wisteria
Lou Mascolo
Milorganite fertilizer, Milwaukee organic nitrogen
Non-blooming wisteria vine
Nutrient values in simple chart form
Organic matter
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
, Virginia creeper
Physical cues to wisteria bloom
Poison Ivy
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Prune wisteria, Pruning wisteria
Roots, new tree
Sand, organic matter
Sandy garden, fertilizing
Saving seeds
Slow release fertilizers
Slow release organic fertilizers
Storing Dahlias
sun's effect on watering
Tomatoes, how to ripen
Training a wisteria vine
Virginia creeper
wind's effect on watering
pre-bloom signs
vine, when to train Wisteria
bloom time, Wisteria blooming cues
, when Wisteria blooms
, fertilizing
, interactions with sunlight
, prune, what to do, when

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Above: There are detailed instructions for pruning Wisteria in What's Coming Up 8.
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