Early Spring: What to do and how, as trees leaf out, until Forsythia blooms


Early Spring

These ensemble editions of our What's Up! and Grow newsletters were written for Early Spring gardening. They address what people see in Early Spring as well as what you can be doing then to have a more beautiful, productive, easy-care garden.

  • Early spring begins as the first trees bud out (open growing buds) and ends when the Forsythia blooms
  • In Zone 5-6, across the center of North America, that's Mid-March to Mid-April

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What's Coming Up 33: March, Deer, children's gardens, tree planting, strawberries, rabbits, watering

What's Coming Up 34:  March, soil tests, organic soil, moles

What's Coming Up 35: Dried flower wedding, cool hard cuts on weeping mulberry

What's Coming Up 36: Gloves, design for ugly fence, scale, maintenance

What's Coming Up 37 Not here yet! Working on it.
           See our CD Asking About Asters

What's Coming Up 85, 87  Not here yet! Working on it.
           See our CD Potting Up Perennials

What's Coming Up 86: Shrub/Vine pruning guide, shady groundcovers, ash, pine

What's Coming Up 88: Bulbs and deer, peony care, scale, pruning, old roses

What's Coming Up 137:  March, Bare-Root Trees, Cutting Tips, Cutting Jades

What's Coming Up 138:  March,  Spruces, Talking to Plants

What's Coming Up 139:  Cut shrubs, discolored evergreens, weedkillers, weevils

What's Coming Up 140:  April, Back Yard Privacy, Moving Plants, Frost

What's Coming Up 175: Spruce gall, prune redtwig, pest I.D., woody weeds, oak flare

What's Coming Up 176: Reduce a spruce, divide bulbs, hellebores, nutsedge

What's Coming Up 177: Work clay soil, stake with sticks, I.D. weeds, keep clipping

What's Coming Up 199: Spring rush checklist, what to do now and how

What's Coming Up 211: Assessing winter's toll

What's Coming Up 212: Beautiful quiz, wisteria pruned, plus rabbits, snowshoes, fertilizer calculator, exercise and instant answers

What's Coming Up 213: Spring cuts, lawn trouble, propping a splayed arb, growing vegetables from seed

Growing Concerns 35: Why a new tree struggles, changing pH with vinegar, mole control

Growing Concerns 36: Choosing better tomatoes, using peat, beating slugs

Growing Concerns 87: Renew a perennial bed, recognize box elder as a maple

Growing Concerns 88: Caring for white birch, beating leaf miner

Growing Concerns 89: Lawn ring spot, moving perennials

Growing Concerns 142: Mulch estimate was very high: Error or ethics?

Growing Concerns 350: Prune redtwig dogwood, no bloom peony, prune Clematis

Growing Concerns 351: Propagate Baptisia, plant perennials, soil test, edging

Growing Concerns 403: Improve poor soil, weed by the moon, leaf mulch, slugs

Growing Concerns 404: Hard cuts to yew, Forsythia & Viburnum, discolored lawns, watering

Growing Concerns 457: Shaded pond, cut viburnum, vinca beats crocus, kids

Growing Concerns 458: Disappointing landscape design, finding unusual plants, neighbors' spring greetings

Growing Concerns 507: March, Mulch off beds, clean garden, compost

Growing Concerns 508: March, Crocosmia seeds, PJM Rhododendrom

Growing Concerns 509: March, Skunks digging grubs from lawns

Growing Concerns 510: April, Dividing perenials, ash

Growing Concerns 511: Mulch, prune Clematis

Growing Concerns 559:  March, Organic Fertilizers

Growing Concerns 560:  March, Tulips

Growing Concerns 561:  April, Roots Cause Weeping Cherry Troubles

Growing Concerns 562:  April, Fertilizing Rules

Growing Concerns 610:  March, Bindweed

Growing Concerns 611:  Tending Clematis 'Polish Spirit,  honeysuckle vine mildew

Growing Concerns 760 -761, not here yet, working on it! Until then,
                       see our CD Asking About Asters

Growing Concerns 762: Lawn repair, smother a bed, invasive groundcover, cool spring

Growing Concerns 763: April, prune spirea and lavender, kill weed trees