Growing Concerns 763: Prune shrubs, kill woody weeds

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Spirea pruning rules are very variable, pages 1-2
Spring- and summer spirea: Different cuts. Page 2
Qualities and plants that make a great hedge, page 3
Killing weed trees that sprout in hedges and fences,  pages 3-4
Shop by mail for fruit in your yard, page 4
Cut spring bulbs, enjoy them indoors, pages 4-5
Sow annual flowers near emerging bulbs, page 5
Let frost pass before clipping lavender and sage, page 5
Pay-off is great for early lawn care, page 5
Respect natural shapes to simplify pruning, page 5

Also in this issue: Tree of heaven, selecting bushes to make a hedge, killing weeds without chemicals, another reason to love a healthy lawn

Index of topics

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aerate lawn
alternatives to chemical weed killers
barberry, Berberis thunbergii as hedge
boxwood, littleleaf boxwood as hedge, Buxus microphylla
bulb flowers as cut flowers
bulbs, using direct sown annuals as cover up
container gardens overwinter lavender, sage, thyme
Cotoneaster as hedge
differences between spring blooming spirea and summer blooming spirea
dwarf spireas
early bulbs hide in leaf litter, clean up for visual effect, protect from frost
fruit trees standard and dwarf
hedge shrubs
inkberry, Ilex vomitoria as hedge
Iris reticulata, netted iris
lavender,  Lavandula
lawn aerating
lawn makes beds look better
lawn rake don't dethatch
lawn sharpen mower blades
lawn sow seed now
Miller Nurseries fruit tree grower
mower sharp blades make healthier lawn
netted iris
pear Pyrus 'Beurre Bosc'
pear Pyrus 'Max-Red Bartlett'
pear Pyrus 'Shinseiki'
persistence as weed killer
privet as hedge, Ligustrum
prune lavender hard after weather settles in spring
prune sage hard after weather settles in spring
prune thyme after weather settles in spring
pruning dwarf spirea all the way to the ground
pruning dwarf spirea shearing after bloom
pruning dwarf spirea thin for extended bloom season
pruning spring blooming spirea
repetitious activities... meditation, quote Ken Druse
salt as weed killer
salt, toxic, cautions
shrubs pruned into unnatural shapes require more care
snow crocus
sources for fruit trees
sow annual flowers as bulb cover up: Nigella, Calendula
Spiraea 'Alpina'
Spiraea 'Limemound'
Spiraea albiflora
Spiraea japonica
Spiraea nipponica, Japanese snowmound spirea
Spiraea prunifolia
Spiraea thunbergii, baby's breath spirea
Spiraea x bumalda
Spiraea x vanhouttei, snowmound spirea
thyme, Thymus
tree of heaven, Ailanthus altissima
weed killer chemicals, alternatives
weed trees, tree of heaven
Weigela has weed tree in its middle
yew as hedge, Taxus

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