What's Coming Up 138: Spruces, Talking to Plants


Geranium says Brrr, goes bloom

To fatten a thinning spruce

Spruce's last sigh may be Cytospora

Gnaw-thing to do but cut a girdle

Boring repeat: Viburnum, rhodo

Need chemical free mulch, plants

Talking to plants helps us see trouble coming

Thinking thru ornamental grass cuts

Why to free cut-back shrubs of groundcover

Spring's the time to create and fix sprinkler problems

Where to see Janet and Steven in-person



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bark damage
blooms on scented geranium
bridge grafting
chemical-free mulch
cut-back shrubs
cutting back big grasses
cutting back woody plants
damage to cambium
damage to irrigation systems
dead centers in perennials
fungus on spruce
girdling damage
Glasshouse Works, Stewart, Ohio
Grand Oak Herb Farm
groundcovers and cut-back shrubs
homegrown mulch
needle loss
needle loss on spruce
overwintering geraniums
Pelargonium 'Prince Rupert'
Pelargonium crispum
rabbit damage
scented geranium
sprinkler problems
spruce losing needles
spruce tip gall
spruce twig gall
talking while gardening
Taxus twig color
tree girdling
vole damage