What's Coming Up 175: Spruce gall, prune redtwig, pest I.D., oak flare

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Red horsechestnut shows us all the best of budbreak just in time for that event to cue us to a particular weed, pruning need or pest. 

When spruce galls, buds break, bare twigs and woody weeds identify themselves

What's Coming Up This Week: Spruce gall
Spruce gall
basics and control: What to do when a spruce has distorted dead tips. Help deciding whether to have the tree care company fertilize, too.

This week in our gardens: Wattle redtwig wanted
Pruning redtwig dogwood
, and weaving colorful clippings into practical wattle fencing. Includes a wattle pattern and our plea for colorful wands you may have to spare.

This Week in our Gardens: Summary chart
New summary chart of weekly In Our Garden tips. It's row one in a 52-week quick reference compilation of what we're doing each week. Take a look! Tell us how we're doing!

Green Thumbs Up, Green Thumbs Down: Eye on Bare Limbs
Why the best time to notice bare tree- and shrub limbs is in March while they're bare -- before the green returns. Pruning, trouble shooting and weeding are all much simpler if you look now!

Keywords to unlock many disease and insect problems. A big chapter one in our dictionary of diagnostic help, with a helpful chart to guide troubleshooting. Brand new descriptions and images of many disease and insect problems.

Tip Cuttings: Oaks Got Flare, and Level Those Volcanoes
Oaks do have flare, like other trees. What a flare is and what it means and how it comes into play during tree planting. Also, a detailed tree planting how-to for making sure your trees require the least care and have the greatest health.

We're steamed and frustrated about volcano mulching on trees. We're looking for a champion to stomp out volcano mulching. Who could do this important job?

The 45mph Garden: Spruce Down, and Sneaky Trees
At 45mph, fallen trees speak volumes about soil, water and roots, while sneaky weed trees lose their camouflage and give us time to act!

Aiming for Answers: Hit or Miss - Budbreak, and Jade Tree in Root Cellar
We missed defining budbreak, a key marker in any garden calendar. We cover it here, and we don't miss on its beauty.

Bareness is no disguise: You can identify leafless plants. Here's how to recognize a naked shrub or tree by twig, bud and other features.

Skunk cabbage, humble springtime wonder.

What was a miss turns into a hit as we pull plants from winter storage. A jade tree survives winter in a cold, dark space. It means simpler storage is on tap for the future!

Big Mistake, Big Lesson: Allowed a Volunteer Tree
Sometimes, volunteers are mistakes; why woody weeds shouldn't slip past your radar.

Stumper - Whyizzit That: Pleas Rise From Compost
Stumps us: Why we hoard divisions, with more about that perennial beauty, turtlehead.



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