What's Up 33: Deer, rabbits, children's gardens, tree planting, watering, strawberries


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Holly felt the pinch but can recover from deer bites

Deer-resistant plants... doesn't mean deer-immune

Global ReLeaf sells big trees for small price

Kid-friendly park plants, including plant list

If strawberry fields don't yield

Cutting back after those rascally rabbits

Irrigation, water and wonder of expanding new growth

Why dry is better for dividing


 Our friend Dan Kurkowski would be pleased, we think, to know that the planting of his memorial tree served as the example of proper tree planting in this issue of What's Coming Up. We miss you Dan, you left us far too soon.

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            child-friendly Pg 5
deer, See Wildlife
            plants for kids Pg 4-5
            dry root ball best Pg 9
experts referenced
            Bovio, Karen Bovio
Fagus, beech, spring growth
            leaf bud Pg 8
            child friendly WU33 Pg 5
Fragaria, strawberry
            fail to yield Pg 6
fruit, strawberries
gardening with kids
           plants for childrenPg 4-5
Hydrangea quercifolia Pg 1
Ilex, holly
            deer damage WU33 Pg 1-2
             spring watering critical WU33 Pg 8
            child-friendly WU33 Pg 5
            slugs WU33 Pg 6,7
            mice WU33 Pg 6,7
            after deer have damaged a shrub WU33 Pg 2
            after rabbit damage WU33 Pg 7
            pruning cambium after damage WU33 Pg 7
            Ilex, holly WU33 Pg 2


            Diboll, Neil Diboll, appreciate nature's chaos WU33 Pg 2
            wisdom of nature's chaos WU33 Pg 2
            Card, Orson Scott Card, capitalism's way... plant a garden WU33 Pg 6
            unemployment... plant a garden WU33 Pg 6
            transplanting seedlings WU33 Pg 8
sensuous plants
            child-friendly WU33 Pg 4



Download from this issue: the page 5
  list of kid-friendly plants

            deer resistant WU33 Pg 3
            pruning after rabbit damage WU33 Pg 7WU33Pg5KidsPlants.jpg
strawberry, SeeFragaria, See also Fruit
            bare root WU33 Pg 4
            deer resistant WU33 Pg 3
            critical when new growth is forming WU33 Pg 8
            deer damage WU33 Pg 1-3
            deer resistant plants WU33 Pg 3
            rabbit damage WU33 Pg 7








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