What's Coming Up 88: Bulbs and deer, peony care, scale, pruning, old roses

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Quit when we're busy? No! Page 1
Buttercups foil tulip thieves? Pp. 2-3
45mph garden: Deer browse, pp. 3-4
Cover up for peonies' sake, page 4
Word fun: Windfirm offscape, pg. 5
Divide, renew soil, page 6
Staying ahead by stalking baby scales, pages 6 - 7
Thunder and nitrogen: Storm-grown fertilizer, page 7
Cutting stakes that bind a new tree, page 8
Pruning old roses, pages 8 -9
Courageous, clipping gardeners:
Serviceberry skinnied down: Hart has heart, page 10
Boxwood cut back hard: Neff says enough, page 11
Dappled willow's wild: Julian just chops, page 13

Thumbs up to birdwatching, page 13
Thumbs down to whining about moles, pp. 13-14



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Amelanchier, serviceberry/shadblow/Juneberry
            remove trunks, reduce size  Pg 10
            blackbird  Pg 13
            cardinal  Pg 13
            goldfinch  Pg 13
            deer browse in mixed plantings  Pg 2
Buxus boxwood
            cut back hard  Pg 11-12
            pests, leaf miner  Pg 12
dangerous plants
            buttercup, Ranunculus  Pg 2-3                             Click to Sponsor us 3BallSeekSponsor.jpg
            renew soil at same time  Pg 6
            scale control  Pg 6
experts referenced
            Thomas, D'Arcy Thomas, On Growth  and Form  Pg 8
            from electrical storm  Pg 7
gardener's health and safety
            busy-ness a good thing  Pg 1
            thorny plants  Pg 8
Helleborus, lenten rose
            Helleborus x orientalis 'Golden Sunrise'
, hyacinth, deer resistant  Pg 2
insects, pests, scale  Pg 6-7
            scale, control  Pg 7
Narcissus, daffodil
            deer resistant  Pg 2
newsletter administration
            computer fund  Pg 2
nitrogen fertilizer from lightning  Pg 7
Paeonia, peony
            Botrytis  Pg 4
            frost damage  Pg 4PeonyBotrytisTip.jpg
                        oil  Pg 7
            water as control  Pg 7
            leaf miner
                        boxwood  Pg 12
            scale insects
                        Euonymus  Pg 6
                        Fletcher  Pg 6-7
                        lecanium  Pg 6
                        magnolia  Pg 7
                        oyster shell  Pg 6
            sooty mold  Pg 7
photos worth remembering
            blue and orange pumpkins  Pg 19
plant names
            cultivar  Pg 1
            add compost  Pg 6
            as pest control  Pg 12
            cut back hard  Pg 11-12, 13
            multi-trunk tree  Pg 10
            Rosa, pruning old roses, prune shrub roses Pg 8-9
            all these intimate choices... you and the tool  Pg 18
            Bakalar, Elsa, compost at your side  Pg 6
            Logan, William Bryant, marriage... you and the tool  Pg 18
            never plant without... compost  Pg 6
            no fashion show  Pg 8
            Spry, Constance Spry, tulips... you can't trust  Pg 2
            tulips last so long  Pg 2
Ranunculus, buttercup
            browse-resistant  Pg 2-3
            companion to at-risk bulbs  Pg 3
            skin irritant  Pg 3
roots, develop opposite wind  Pg 8
Rosa, pruning shrub species  Pg 8-9
Salix, willow
            Salix integra, tricolor willow
                        cut back hard  Pg 13
scrabbling, unusual gardening terms
            frondescence, offscape, smurry, windfirm  Pg 5
shrubs, deer browse pattern  Pg 3-4
soil renewal tactics  Pg 6
staking trees  Pg 8
Syringa, lilac
            oyster shell scale control  Pg 6
Taxus, yew
            Fletcher scale control  Pg 6-7
Thuja, arborvitae, white cedar
            doesn't rebound after deer damage  Pg 4
            garden fork and spade  Pg 18
            sources  Pg 18
trees, staking  Pg 8
Tulipa, tulips,
            browsed by deer, rabbits  Pg 2
            count our blessings  Pg 13-14
            deer  Pg 2, 3-4
            moles  Pg 13-14
            raccoons  Pg 13
words, unusual gardening terms
            frondescence, offscape, smurry, windfirm  Pg 5



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