What's Coming Up 168: Watering, permeable paving, lawn seed

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Nothing to do in the garden? No reason to be bored, just throw a garden theme holiday party for your whole 22-story condo! Photo ©2011 Tom Cathey 

Water for indoor plants, grids to cushion outdoor roots, plus clipping, pruning and decorating

All of the articles published this week are listed below and available by selecting the link in the article title. However, this week's articles were also compiled in a single pdf* from the time before we had this website; that pdf file is available here to be downloaded.


Why plunge a pot to water that rosemary

Snowy lawn? Mildew!

Permeable paving grid to reduce compaction, allow water

Choosing lawn seed

Presents under the tree: Flowers, furniture, ... and fertilizer from reindeer do?

Puzzle: Informed by a bug-eye view

Touch of the Big Apple: Sky high gardener energy

Pruning trees

Cooing over Sedum cuttings

To identify cause when leaves drop, sequence counts

Dragging yew in to do duty as yule tree

Not too late for winter protection: Rhododendron, Japanese maple

Slow? No! Ginkgo growth rate

Setting wooden posts, skip the concrete

Clip-cropping Miscanthus: When we wish for decay!




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Beginnings of an index-assist...

Holiday tree from pruning a yew
Prune yew, use branch as Christmas tree
Yew pruned, obtain a Christmas branch