What's Coming Up 169: Holly pruning, plant sex, bottom heat

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Tree holly (Ilex opaca). 

Can't deny holly's appeal, might underestimate variety!

All of the articles published this week are listed below and available by selecting the link in the article title. However, this week's articles were also compiled in a single pdf* from the time before we had this website; that pdf file is available here to be downloaded.


Gift holly's wholly dependent: From gift pot to outdoors is a long shot

Pot crops, the great throw-away

Woody plants in fall: How long to harden safe for winter?

Sex, trouble, other holly facts

Three holly categories, two to go

Thumbs up to holly amateur, down to a crop's good name, smoked

Praise for Mentor Maggie, lifelong vegetable whiz and others more celebrated

Scrabbling sexy words: Dioecious, parthenocarpy, pistil

Introducing phenology, we see it wherever we go!

Bottom heat for cuttings

Light the lights: Xmas yew branch

De-icing salt stoppers


Reality pruning: Overgrown holly must be smaller, denser




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