Street trees' salt protection worth a deeper look

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The color caught our eye in late fall. Thoughts of "what if" brought us back when our schedule was less busy in winter. Love of learning will keep us coming back. 

Trial to find effective protection from de-icing salt 

Winter gives us time to look into things we've seen, such as whether street trees we passed recently will have good salt protection for their root zones.

 The best gardening is experimental
as well as ephemeral.
- Christopher Lloyd -

In a home garden, a curb can protect a garden from salt-laden meltwater. Fast-moving traffic along major streets splashes salt over curbs. So these root balls are covered. Good move!


However, will the salty water end up concentrated in that gap between tarp and pavement?


We've heard of other techniques, but not seen comparisons or heard about the practicalities. Here's a place where a side by side test might be done.

Wonder if the landscape managers might cover every other tree pit with baled straw, next year? The trees' subsequent growth would tell whether the straw might do a better job of filtering salt, make it simpler to remove the residue from the root zone.

The test could also include what some gardeners do who manage salt spray over beds in downtown Chicago walkways. They roll out sod over the beds, then take it and its salt burden away in spring.


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