Witchhazels' winter only lasts to the first thaw

During the gray days of winter, the least bit of color pops. Spring witchhazel in bloom.  

Early bloomers wake up...

...and our interests stir!

When it's mild, early bloomers like hybrid spring witchhazel (Hamamelis x mollis) may "wake up" and open their flowers. We certainly notice them as we drive along in wooded areas.

Witchhazel does well planted in full sun if the area is wind protected. On its own it finds all it needs by hanging out into the sun from within the edge of that big living wind screen called a forest.

S.C. reported this week:

Just out to get newspaper--believe the witchhazel is in bloom!! What happened to winter?



Below: Once you see one, you notice them all over. More witchhazels.

And how about that, a tree holly in the background. Just fine and over 20' tall in a wind protected place in zone 5. We made a note to check back in a few years to see how its top holds up once it grows above the shelter of the roof.