What's Coming Up 19: Mushrooms, toxic plants, pets, weeds, mulberry

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Mushrooms: Why they appear, from conks to turkey tails                                      

Dangerous plants: Datura

Pharmaceutical garden: Poisons and potions in every landscape

Shears not enough to tame a weeping mulberry

Why you should hold off on pre-emergent weedkiller

Controlling cool season "winter weeds"

Word smithing to revive old garden terms

Pets and plats: Cat-proofing

Index of all topics in this issue

Marvelous mulberry story begins here, concludes in issue 35:


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benefits of gardening: photo backdrops  Pg 5
cats and Christmas trees, Pg 6
chickweed, control  Pg 4
Christmas tree,  Pg 5
conks  Pg 1-2
Crassula, jade tree  Pg 5
Dangerous plants, Datura  Pg 1-2
dead man's fingers mushroom,  Pg2
deliquesce,  Pg 1
extension cords used outside,  Pg 6
fubsy  Pg 5
fungus and fungi,  Pg 1-2
griseous  Pg 5
henbit/dead nettle, Lamium amplexicaule  Pg 4
hen of the woods mushroom,  Pg 2
herbicide, timing,  Pg 4
light and lighting, related to mushroom problems  Pg 1-2
lights, holiday decorations on plants  Pg 5
memorable photographs, cat in a jade plant,  Pg 6
moonflower, toxic plant  Pg 3
Morus, mulberry, pruning  Pg 3
mulch, effectiveness in weed control,  Pg 5
mushrooms, garden problem  Pg 1-2
olid  Pg 5
pets and plants, pets and houseplants  Pg 5
pharmaceutical nature of a garden  Pg 3
photography tips  Pg 5
poisonous plants, hallucinogenic  Pg 3
polypore,  Pg 1
pre-emergent herbicide, weedkiller long term effect  Pg 4
Preen weed killer, herbicide,  PG 4-5
pruning to remove deadwood, timing  Pg 3
pruning tools, keyhole saw, chisel  Pg 4
red tree brain mushroom,  Pg 2
scarlet waxy cup mushroom,  Pg 2
scrambled egg slime,  Pg 2
stinky squid mushroom,  Pg 2
tactics for beating weedy plants,  Pg 4
tall rocket, weed control  Pg 4
toadstool,  Pg 1
turkey tail mushroom,  Pg 2
problems, pests, disease, mushrooms or conks growing there  Pg 1-2
useful words becoming obsolete, unusual garden terms  Pg 5
vilipend  Pg 5
water and watering, related to mushroom problems  Pg 1-2
water and watering when you're away on vacation, bottle or jug for slow-release watering  Pg 5
weeds and weeding, timing  Pg 4
winter weeds, cool season weeds  Pg 4
wolf's milk slime mushroom,  Pg 2

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