What's Coming Up 73: Best of the year peonies, apples, terriers, hydrangeas

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Best of the year, stories and photos from our desk and yours:
     (With more in Part 2, What's Coming Up 74)

Many hands make light work: Garden by Janet & Steven, barn raisings
Peonies and hostas throw farewell party
Applause for New Guinea impatiens
Spider as a pretty senorita
Deep blue that lifts spirits
Cultivating a conservatory
Sweet cherry tomatoes
At long last: Blooming Hydrangeas
Refreshing change gives Rookie a space: Terrier to moles!
A garden is: Simple, nameless bliss
Abundance of fall color
Bumper crop of apples
Joy in the winter break
Steady supply of queries make for priceless thoughts
Holidays under a Christmas branch


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Anna Scripps Whitcomb conservatory
Blue Roses
Cleome 'Senorita Rosalita'
Collecting Cleome seeds
Collecting spiderflower seeds
Combination planter ideas
Cordyline 'Red Star'
Cultural differences in apple pruning
Definition of hydrangea blue color
Delphiniums in Victorian Times
Dogs in gardens
downy woodpecker picture
H. serrata, Hydrangea serrata
H. macrophylla, Hydrangea macrophylla
Impact of heat on the flowering of Impatiens
Lacecap Hydrangeas
many hands make light work at the zoo
Medicinal Uses of Delphinium
Mophead Hydrangeas
New Guinea Impatiens
Origin of peppers
Origin of the name Delphinium
Origin of tomatoes
Pruning Hydrangeas
Quotation: "I was devastated by the loss. For perhaps five minutes. And then, like all gardeners with any ambition at all, I wondered, 'Now what can I plant there instead?'" - Christopher Lloyd

Quotation: "Oh I don't know what it's called. I used to. I used to pay attention to the names but now I don't think it's important." -Susan

Quotation: "(The garden) is a living work of art... (The plan) an outline for the future."- Norman K. Johnson

Quotation: "Altho' thy Teacher act not as he preaches…" -Benjamin Franklin

Quotation: "Most tomato varieties will set more fruit if the flower is agitated...Daily shaking can be used to increase flower set..."- Suzanne Ashworth

Quotation: "Sometimes the best part of a garden is the off-season!" - Deb Hall -

Quotation: "The best thing about gardening: We learn by doing, learn from each other!" - Janet

Quotations from gardeners about losing favorite plants
Quotations from gardeners about replacing favored plants
Red and Blue flowers in a combination planter
Role of Anthocyanins in fall color
Seed production and spiderflowers
Shrub combinations for fall color
snippets and quotes
Sterile spiderflowers
Sum and Substance
'Sweet 100' cherry tomatoes
Taylor Conservatory
Terriers and gardens
the best of the year pictures
the best of the year quotes
The better part of garden wisdom has to do with patience...
True blue genes
White Peony Tree
Why don't my Hydrangeas bloom
Why Impatiens grow well in cool summers


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