What's Up 74: The best of what came up this year, Part 2

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The best of what came up this year, part two of two:

Reports from our files and notes from you
     (Continued but not dependent on Part 1, in  What's Coming Up 73)
No cover like snow cover
Best name for pretty poppy: Shh!
Long blooming Centranthus & Gaura
When orchids stoop to sneakiness
Being aware of prickly pear
As ever, blue tops list of new recruits
Great Lady turns arms onus into bonus
Tricolor beech and multi-color fall
Fabulous, no-doughboy fall
On reflection, mirror made a garden
Kudos to fresh, sense-able views
Rose goes on, spots and all
Recreating an historic garden
Prank prairie, neighborhood history
Frog pond makes room for one more
Grins for a single resolution


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Below: Frufru the frog illustrates Steven's "best"  and also features in his offer to decorate your walls


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Oh the weather outside is frightful -- Not!


From a Michigan State University wintertime soil temperature study: "...soils froze to depths greater than (7 inches) on cultivated sites, which were windswept and barren of snow for most of the winter... Sites insulated by forest cover and leaf litter, as well as thin but persistent snowpacks, froze to depths of only (an inch or less); temperatures at (7 inches) hovered near (34-35°F) for most of the winter."

Below: Snow not only insulates but allows the subtle colors of branch and seed pod to shine (below, left). Also, it's a medium a snow-suited artist can use to spread a bit of cheer (below, right). (There was no foul, environmentally speaking: It's just food coloring and watered applied with a pump spray bottle.)

SnowAsBckgr3473.jpg SnowHpyNwYr4456.jpg

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