What's Coming Up 75: Landscape renovation, kalanchoe, amaryllis, hawks

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Snow time like now to redesign

3 fun Saturday mornings can net you an easy garden makeover

Cold makes Kalanchoe go "Bloom"!

Amaryllis: After the bloom is gone

Grins and Grow-ans go "green"

Hawks as garden helpers



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            hawk  Pg 11
            illusion of depth in a design  Pg 3-4
            lines as a design element  Pg 1, 7-8
            aim design at a main viewer  Pg 5-8
            set objectives for your design  Pg 1-3
            visualize a landscape design from a traced photo  Pg 3
flowers and flowering
            how cold initiates bloom  Pg 9
            care of a hedge  Pg 6
Hippeastrum, amaryllis
            care  Pg 10
            cold damage  Pg 9
            pothos  Pg 9
            care, related to plant's native environment  Pg 9
            bloom  Pg 9
Mascagnia macroptera, butterfly vine  Pg 11
mentors' advice
            harvesting pears  Pg 11
            leave room in field for hawks  Pg 1
plant names
            pronunciation, pronouncing plant names  Pg 9
Pulmonaria angustifolia, lungwort/Bethlehem sage
            bloom in rock wall  Pg 1
rock, stone
            draws lines in the landscape  Pg 7-8
            winter interest from stone in a landscape  Pg 8


Download the pdf to read this issue