Fall: Things to do while all the leaves are falling

There is a sequence to fall color, as there is to spring bloom. Red maples (Acer rubrum) turn a week or two before silver- and sugar maples (A. saccharinum and A. saccharum). Japanese maples don't color up until late fall, perhaps 4 weeks after red maples in some years. 

Here are ensemble editions of our What's Up! and Grow newsletters which were written for Fall. They address what people see in Fall as well as what they could be doing then to have a more beautiful, productive, easy-care garden.

  • It's Fall when many leaves are falling but the trees are not yet bare.
  • In Zones 5-6 across the middle of North America that's mid-October to Mid-November


What's Up 11 & 13: Not here yet! Until we catch up inputting and
            reach the category of articles-already-compiled,
            see our CD Asking About Asters

What's Coming Up 12: Night lights, ecology, transplanting, fall weeding

What's Coming Up 14: Lawn weeds, unusual holiday trees, Iceland gardens

What's Coming Up 64: Landscape design, pots, hellebore, burning bush, fall work, buckthorn

What's Coming Up 65: fall color, leaves, bulb planting & storage, pruning, replanting trees

What's Up 66, 115, 117 and 118 Not here yet! Working on it.
           Until then, see our CD Potting Up Perennials

What's Coming Up 67: Ginkgo, cucumber, stump rotter, weevils

What's Coming Up 116: Protect no-bloom Hydrangea, running roots, mildew, invasives

What's Coming Up 161: October, Voodoo lily, tar spot, fall color.

What's Coming Up 162: November, Madison Wisconsin's Arboretum, Olbrich- and Allen Gardens

What's Coming Up 163: November, Tricolor beech, new tree care, walnuts, cut perennials down for winter

Growing Concerns 270a: Plant small or large? Finding native and unusual perennials

Growing Concerns 486: Bring plants in for winter, pansy marketing

Growing Concerns 488: Poinsettia bloom, trees planted too deep, recycle, golf

Growing Concerns 538:  October, Overwinter white mandevilla, diversity

Growing Concerns 539: October, Transplant weeping mulberry, house plant care

Growing Concerns 540: November, Scientific shade tree report, bindweed

Growing Concerns 589: October, Ash Tree Replacements

Growing Concerns 590: October, Environmental Changes, Long Term Trouble

Growing Concerns 591: November, Storing Cannas Over Winter

Growing Concerns 592: November, Protect Oaks From Fatal Disease


Below: Ginkgo (G. biloba) develops its color now in the middle of Fall. However, look quick because it glows and goes quickly.