What's Coming Up 15: Water, new plants' roots, pruning, fall color


In fall, water's still important for new plants

Why new plants need pampering

Reading roots and gauging growth rate

Delay pruning to belay cold damage

Winterizing tips #5 (block salt, protect hydrangeas)

Burning bush confusion

Slow the car for pyrotechnic pears, don waders to fell willows

Winter dressing for annual beds, fertilizer, root cellars and more


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average growth rates
blue spruce
burning bush, Euonymus alatus, woody burning bush
Callery pear, Pyrus calleryana, Bradford pear problems
defining growth rates
delay pruning
drainage tests
dwarf Alberta spruce
fall color
fall fertilizer
fall pruning
falsecypress, false cypress, Chamaecyparis
gas plant, Dictamnus albus
Japanese maple
annual burning bush, Kochia scoparia
maple, Japanese
maple, paperbark
maple, red"
paperbark maple
river birch
red maple
root loss
salt spray protection
smoke tree, Cotinus
soggy soil
spruce, blue
spruce, dwarf Alberta
transplanting problems
tree grow rates
using evergreen clippings
watering new plants
watering new trees
watering plants
white pine, Pinus strobus
winter color for annual beds
winter hydrangea protection
winterizing tips
yew, Taxus

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