What's Coming Up 166: Rose care, prune falsecypress, pruning tools, cutworm

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Our gardens enrich the lives of our pets, and a surprising line-up of other animals. 

Make a rose snug for winter, gift a loppers, discover cutworms, discipline a falsecypress


All of the articles published this week are listed below and available by selecting the link. However, this week's articles were also compiled in a single pdf* from the time before we had this website; that pdf file is available here to be downloaded.


Tree wears a holiday star, grows, stars again

Time for rose's winter doze

Loppers top pruning tools gift chart

Mentors give: tomato tip, important details, so much grandpa knew you shouldn't ignore!

1 woman, 1 juniper, smooth move

Cutting holiday greens? Take only pictures, leave only footprints

Cutworms as dog chow?!

Organic bird feed: Plants!

Falsecypress dwarfed, assigned to mantle positions

Wilt-pruf vs. dry evergreens

Gardens as pet enrichment




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