What's Coming Up 146 & 147: Path Surfaces, Plant Annuals, Locust Bugs


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Decisions about paving the garden way

Safe timing for annuals and why late planting's A-OK

You can be bugged but not beaten

Shorty's own tools

Why the cutter might spare that daff!

Quick clips, about:

  •      Dogwood leaf spot, wondrous wisteria, Lyme disease
  •       The bulb Anemone anomaly
  •       Why birch is so fast and seedless
  •       Requiem for Japanese maples

Inviting your reports of- scaping for adult "kids"

Growing veg and fruit: Now worries, just do it!

Time to cut back spring bloomers

Annuals to beat the crowd

Buried tree-sure, pleasant smells, sturdier tomatoes & clematis

Propping floppers, page 16

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