What's Coming Up 202: Spring color guide, rose pests, prune cherry

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Some might say, "It's just a barberry, what's the big deal?" Yet its color, ALL colors, are particularly intoxicating in spring. In this issue we introduce our guide to spring color. Choose the color that caught your eye, check our list for what it might be and whether you might want to add it to your landscape. 

May 22, 2013

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In this issue, What's Up 202:

Our Expert Afield brings you a Spring Color Guide.

It's a quick-click reference to:
• Look through plant images by color. Find just what you need to round out your spring show, or
Jump to a color and click through blooming plants of that hue. A fast way to put a name to any splash of color you see in spring.

We post Green Thumbs Up and Down to Rose Lovers and Rose Pests

Everyone loves to (eat a) rose! Look close and learn to catch rose pests early.

From the Stumper department, Fast Growers Never Quit:

A fully illustrated how-to prune a cherry tree. This guide is essential reading for anyone who must try to rein in the unstoppable fast growth of a tree such as a weeping cherry, mulberry, pussy willow or dappled willow.






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