Late Summer: What to do up until the leaves begin to fall


Late Summer

These ensemble editions of our What's Up! and Grow newsletters were written for Late Summer. They address what people see in Late Summer as well as what you might do then to have a more beautiful, productive, easy-care garden.

  • It's Late Summer from Mid-August to Mid-September, or
  • When the first trees' leaves change from green to fall color


What's Coming Up 3: Hellebore bloom, perennials from seed, transplanting, houseplants outdoors, golden rain tree


What's Coming Up 4: Lace bugs, soggy spot no good for roses, fall color from stress


What's Coming Up 5: Viburnum troubles, Brussels sprouts, weed trees


What's Coming Up 6: Sedum in trouble, soil borne disease, allelopathy


What's Coming Up 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 Not here yet! Working on it.
           See our CD Potting Up Perennials

What's Coming Up 107, 108, 109 Not here yet! Working on it.
           See our CD Potting Up Perennials

What's Coming Up 110: Watering, fall weeding, drought tolerance

What's Coming Up 155: August, Urban farms, lilac move, girdled roots


What's Coming Up 156: August, Rocky garden, overplanting, prune a sapling


What's Coming Up 188: Impatiens, color fix for bare space, prune birdsnest


What's Coming Up 189: Calculate mulch, plant new lawn, design for new home


Growing Concerns 59: Clematis wilt, iris borer


Growing Concerns 60: Digging wildflowers

Growing Concerns 529: August, Non-blooming hydrangea, sickly trees

Growing Concerns 530: August, Iris borers

Growing Concerns 531: August, Ash replacement list

Growing Concerns 532: September, Wild morning glory issues

Growing Concerns 580:  August, Mushrooms in Lawn, bark being stripped

Growing Concerns 581:  August, How to battle fungus and mold

Growing Concerns 582:  September, Renovate & Redesign Perennial Beds

Growing Concerns 583:  September, Solving Mystery of Tree Death

Growing Concerns 730: August, natural wooded area, juniper hedge, vertical mulch, dividing, edging, mowing

There are more Late Summer Growing Concerns not here yet! We're working on it.