Late Winter: What to do while trees' buds are swelling

Late Winter: The thaws come more often, the wild animals begin to move around, and the gardener knows that once again, "we've made it!" 

Late Winter

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These ensemble editions of our What's Up! and Grow newsletters were written for Late Winter. They address what people see in Late Winter as well as what they could be doing then to have a more beautiful, productive, easy-care garden.

  • Late winter comes when trees' and shrubs' buds swell and skunks resume activity
  • In zone 5-6, across the center of North America, that's Mid-February to Mid-March

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What's Coming Up 30-32: Not here yet! Working on it.
           Until then, see our CD Potting Up Perennials


What's Coming Up 83: Front yard design, raised beds, drainage, winter losses


What's Coming Up 81, 82 and 84: Not here yet! Working on it.
           Until then, see our CD Potting Up Perennials

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Growing Concerns 506: Prune Clematis, sharpen tools, bleeding maples

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Growing Concerns 607: Bay Tree

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Growing Concerns 609:  African Violet, Dahlia Tubers