Spring: What to do during tulip season, until the Forsythia blooms


These ensemble editions of our What's Up! and Grow newsletters were written for Spring. They address what people see in Spring as well as what you could be doing then to have a more beautiful, productive, easy-care garden.

  • Spring begins as the majority of tulips bloom and ends when the likelihood of frost is past
  • In Zone 5-6 across the center of North America, that's Mid-April to Mid-May

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What's Coming Up 38: Dividing perennials, kousa dogwood, treated lumber


What's Coming Up 39: Shade trees, ash borer, invasive plants, wet areas

What's Coming Up 40: Disease resistance, arborvitae, lead in soil, staking

What's Coming Up 41: Daylily leaf, uncommon plants, easement herbicide, slugs, Clematis

What's Comming Up 42: Vines and fences, weedy lawn, aphids, Franklinia

What's Coming Up 89: Birds, soil, mulch, Clematis, tree planting

What's Coming Up 90: Bulb color and moves, Liatris, bare root planting, scale and sawfly

What's Coming Up 91: Prune an old rose, weedkiller, seedless trees, wildlife

What's Coming Up 92: Acclimate annuals, improve soil with beneficial fungus, beat borers, grow from cuttings

What's Coming Up 93: Shrubless design, easy containers, mulch, fertilizer

What's Coming Up 141:  Compost, Mulch, Pruning Roses, Rose Problems

What's Coming Up 142:  Nonblooming Bulbs, Pruning Japanese Maple

What's Coming Up 143:  Mildew, Rot, Wet Soil, Native Plants, Weeding

What's Coming Up 144:  Alternatives to Lawn, Groundcover, Allergies

What's Coming Up 178: Move a peony, fertilize, wattle fence, watering, pruning

What's Coming Up 179: Frosted Japanese maples, early insects good and bad, leaf spots

What's Coming Up 180: Sorting out spireas, room and air for perennials and lawn, no weak roses, gardening all over a quarter continent

What's Coming Up 200: Hard cuts, weak wood, proof of life, proof of gardening, running weeds

What's Coming Up 201: Frost protection in spring

Growing Concerns 91: Growing under black walnut trees, Gladiolus, hoya

Growing Concerns 146: Continuous color perennials, lawn aeration

Growing Concerns 354: Costs of perennial maintenance, beating tough weeds, planting tips

Growing Concerns 355: Inexpensive landscaping, Aralia, cabbage moth, Dahlia & Canna, rhodo

Growing Concerns 408: Find unusual trees, copper as mythic quick weed tree killer

Growing Concerns 461:  Iced branch splinted, skunks grubbing in lawn, rabbits, dog problems, fertilizer

Growing Concerns 462: Annual best, weedkiller drift, vole control, Hydrangeas

Growing Concerns 512: Potting mix, brown leafed house plant

Growing Concerns 513: Orientation of root or bulb, mulch, winter burn

Growing Concerns 514: May, Avoid rabbit with fence, plants hide fence, mulch

Growing Concerns 515: Briefs re crocosmia lawn zoysia moles voles apricot peace lily

Growing Concerns 516: Fly larvae in tomatoes

Growing Concerns 563:  Compost Availability, Ash replacements

Growing Concerns 564:  Compost, Gardener Education

Growing Concerns 565:  Spring Garden Care, short answers

Growing Concerns 566:  Rabbits' bark chewing is deadly, bridge graft