What's Coming Up 143: Mildew, Rot, Wet Soil, Native Plants, Weeding

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In this issue:

Deviation from the norm
Hard to find hardier mum
Find the flare when you plant or it's a tree buried alive!
Naturally wet? Go native!
Beating tomato blossom end rot
The skinny on phlox mildew
Flower power helps veggies?
Oak leaves, seedlings' friend
Duking it out with weeds
The well padded knee
Clipping clematis, lavender and daffs
Taking and giving you a break: Pretty puzzle
An up side and down- to cool spring

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It's break time

OakHydrangea0614.jpg FrankBud1102.jpg

It's break time! We, this oakleaf hydrangea (H. quercifolia, left) and others (see below) help you enjoy the beauty of the season.
"Budbreak" - when protective covers like this one at a Franklinia twig (right)tip pop open and the new shoot emerges.

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A pretty puzzle

Can you identify these beauties?

Bottle0937.jpg Peach1096.jpg

Katsura1222.jpg Lilac1250.jpg

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