What's Coming Up 144: Alternatives to Lawn, Groundcover, Allergies

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This issue has design how to (six page step by step to design an alternative lawn), gardening to bring in more birds, seedless tree choices, what may be making your allergies flare, why a root flare is important, and lots more. Photo ©2011 Deb Hall 

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Designing alternatives to replace a lawn
     (read an excerpt)
Groundcover choices

Time to smother, time to plant

Quest for seedless trees

Think it's neat to have birds in a garden?

1895 Spring meets 4-lined bug

Soil moistener, rabbits and row cover

Poetic pruning makes cherry into stooge

Allergy and volcano alerts

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Download the PDF to read What's Coming Up 144

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Aegopodium podagraria, weedy, smothering pg. 7

Ajuga 'Chocolate Chip', pg. 5
Ajuga pg. 2
Allegheny spurge, Pachysandra procumbens, pg. 5
allergies, related to seedless trees, pg. 8
alternative lawn, pp. 1-6
Amsonia, dwarf,
   Amsonia 'Short Stack',
   Amsonia 'Little Blue Star', pg. 5

Below: Designing an alternative lawn, with detailed
plant suggestions; pages 1 - 6 of this 14-page issue.



Arenaria verna caespitosa,
   Irish moss, pg. 5
Asarum canadensis,
   wild ginger, pg. 5
attracting birds pp. 8 - 10
bed preparation, pg. 6
Bellevue Botanical Garden,
   groundcover display, pg. 4
bigroot perennial geranium,
   Geranium macrorrhizum, pg. 6

birds pp. 8 - 10
bishop's weed, weedy,
   smothering pg. 7
blue mist spirea, Caryopteris
   x clandonensis, pg. 5
blue oat grass,
   Helictotrichon, pg. 5
bluestar juniper,
   Juniperus squamata, pg. 5
brass buttons,
   Leptinella squalida, pg. 5
Buddleia, dwarf butterfly
   bush 'Low and Behold', pg. 5
   Cornus canadensis, pg. 5
butterfly bush, dwarf 'Low
   and Behold', Buddleia, pg. 5
Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance',
   dwarf carex, pg. 5
Carex muskingiemensis,
   musking carex, pg. 5
Caryopteris x clandonensis,
   blue mist spirea, blue beard,
   pg. 5
Cerastium tomentosum,
   snow in summer, pg. 5
Cornell University Plantations,
   groundcover display area, pg. 4


Cornus canadensis,
   bunchberry, pg. 5
creeping phlox,
   Phlox subulata, pg. 5
crested iris, Iris cristata, pg. 5
Delosperma 'Mesa Verde',
   ice plant, pg. 5
design pp. 1-4
    complement between
       background and plant
       pg. 4
    foliage color pp. 3-4
    focal point pp. 2-3
    groundcover areas, pp. 1-6

Dianthus 'Bath's Pink',
   pinks, pg. 5
dog urine, kills groundcover,
   pg. 4
elm seeds pg. 1
floating row cover
   as pest control pg. 13
   Tiarella cordifolia, pg. 5
four-lined plant bug pg. 11
frame in designing
   groundcover area pp. 3
groundcover patterns pp. 3-6
texture in groundcover pp. 2
Galium odoratum pp. 2, 5
Geranium macrorrhizum,
   bigroot perennial geranium,
   pg. 6
ginger, Asarum canadensis,
   pg. 5
groundcover choices
    cost compared to lawn
       higher then lower over time


environmental benefits, pg. 5
Hortech website groundcover
   selection guide, pp. 4-5
public garden groundcover
   display areas, pg. 4
shady groundcovers, pg. 5
sunny groundcovers, pg. 5
groundcover planting
    multiple groundcovers,
    quilt of groundcover, pp. 3-4
Helictotrichon sempervirens,
   blue oat grass, pg. 5
Hens & chicks,
   Sempervivum species, pg. 5
horsetail, weed, smothering pg. 7
Hosta, as groundcover pg. 5
Hypericum calycinum,
   St. Johnswort, creeping, pg. 5
ice plant,
   Delosperma 'Mesa Verde', pg. 5
Iris cristata, crested iris, pg. 5
Iris pallida, zebra iris, pg. 5
Irish moss, Arenaria verna
   caespitosa, pg. 5
Japanese andromeda,
   Pieris japonica pg. 2
Juniperus squamata
   'Bluestar' juniper, pg. 5
lambs ear, StachyS 'Big Ears',
   pg. 5
Lamium pp. 2, 5
Leptinella squalida,
   brass buttons, pg. 5
lily of the valley, weedy,
   smothering pg. 7


lilyturf pp. 2, 5
Liriope pp. 2, 5
Longwood Gardens,
   groundcover display area,
   pg. 4
maple 'Autumn Fire' pg. 7
Mazus reptans, pg. 5
musking carex,
   Carex muskingiemensis,
   pg. 5
orange stonecrop sedum,
   Sedum kamschaticum, pg. 5
Oxalis 'Atropurpureum,
   queen's clover, pg. 5
Pachysandra pp. 2, 4, 5
    Alleghany spurge North
        American native Pachysandra
        pp. 4, 5
    Japanese Pachysandra pg. 2
paving stones, placement, pg. 4
Phlox stolonifera,
   woodland phlox, pg. 5
Phlox subulata,
   creeping phlox, pg. 5
Pieris japonica,
   Japanese andromeda pg. 2
pinks, Dianthus 'Bath's Pink',
   pg. 5
polymers pg. 12
pruning pg .13
pruning, awkward cut pg. 13
quack grass, weedy,
   smothering pg. 7
queen's clover,
   Oxalis 'Atropurpureum', pg. 5
rabbits pg. 13
row cover as pest control pg. 13


Sagina subulata,
   Scotch moss, pg. 5
Scotch moss,
   Sagina subulata, pg. 5
scouring rush, weedy,
   smothering pg. 7
Sedum 'Angelina', pg. 5
Sedum dasyphyllum, pg. 5
Sedum kamschaticum,
   orange stonecrop, pg. 5
Sedum requienii, pg. 5
seedless trees pp. 7-8
    Seedless cutleaf silver maple
       Acer saccharinum 'Silver Queen'
    Seedless red maples
       Acer rubrum 'Celebration',
       'Autumn Flame'
    No-pod honey locusts:
       Gleditsia triacanthos
       'Fairview', 'Moraine',
       'Shademaster', Skyline'
    Seedless ash: 
       Fraxinus 'Autumn Applause',
          'Fallgold', 'Marshall', 'Patmore'
     Podless Kentucky coffeetree:
       Gymnocladus dioicus 'Espresso',
       'Prairie Titan', 'Stately Manor'
    No-snow cottonwood:
       Populus x 'Siouxland', 'Robusta'
    Nutless horsechestnut:
       Aesculus 'Baumanii'
    Fruitless Ginkgo: 'Princeton
       Sentry', 'Fairmount', 'Lakeview'


seeds as bird food pp. 1, 8
Sempervivum species,
   hens & chicks, pg. 5
smother to prepare bed, pg. 6
snow in summer,
   Cerastium tomentosum, pg. 5
    weedy, smothering pg. 7
soil-moistening polymers pg. 12
songbirds pp. 8 - 10
St. Johnswort, creeping,
   Hypericum calycinum, pg. 5
Stachys 'Big Ears', lambs ear, pg. 5
State Botanical Garden
   of Kentucky, groundcover
       display area, pg. 4
sweet woodruff pp. 2, 5
thyme, creeping, wooly,
   creeping Thymus serpyllum,
   wooly Thymus lanuginosus, pg. 5
thyme, dwarf species,
   Thymus praecox pp. 2, 5
Tiarella cordifolia,
   foamflower, pg. 5
transplant tree, selling trees
   from your landscape pg. 8
tree removal contractor,
   selecting, pg. 8
University of Michigan
   Matthaei Botanical Garden,
   groundcover display area, pg. 4
Veronica repens, golden
   creeping veronica, pg. 5
volcano mulch pg. 14
weeds not easily smothered pg. 7
weeping cherry, pruned pg 13
wild ginger,
   Asarum canadensis, pg. 5
woodland phlox,
    Phlox stolonifera, pg. 5
Yucca 'Color Guard', pg. 5
zebra iris, Iris pallida, pg. 5




























Lucy Chargot

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