What's Coming Up 200: Cut hard, proof of life, prune conifers, running weeds

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This week we present the absolute best Clematis pruning illustrations ever, and some pretty darned good pictures of what to do about those blue Hydrangeas, too. 

May 4, 2013

New in What's Up

Green Thumbs up, Green Thumbs down:

     • To cold hardy volunteers: What to do at spring start-up.

     • To overlooking proof of life: How to tell that a plant's alive and lively.

Mentors send A spring chorus of wise words for immediate application:

     • Cut weak wood hard: We cut roses and blue Hydrangea to explain this lesson.

     • Clippers are better than saw: Why an early clipper cut beats a bigger saw later.

     • Hard cuts are less work: When pruning harder means less cutting overall.

     • Yews' slow comeback is worth a look: A reality show for overweight shrubs.

     • Bad luck to say "Thanks" for a plant: Time for thinking rather than thanking.

     • Weeding out running perennials: Strategies to win that war.

     • Useful Proof of gardening at a conifer clip: A good idea to delay bagging your clippings.

     • Use all water given to you: Rain garden primer and plants list.

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Currently, we're digging into proof of life as well as proof of gardening: Which plants should we give up to the compost, for which wait longer? How can we prove we've been working and who needs to know?

These are neat tricks in a late spring. When winter decided to hang around, it wrote 'can't do' all over our to-do list. Once the weather broke, the backlog was so nerve-wracking that we took to chanting our own step-by-steps as we worked, for focus and to maintain calm.

Yet that's what spring is all about. If it wasn't this kind of craziness it would be another. As we start this 31st year as professional gardeners, we still feel the wonder and we're determined to keep on growing.

That's been easy to do lately, given youngsters who share their eyes with us. (The reporters in our new Kids View Department; and our granddaughter, now 14 months old.) Revelations pop from every bud that opens and rise from every hole we dig. If you ever lose your spark, invite a child to your garden.

We are grateful for the help and support you gave us this winter. We inadvertently made a cartload of extra work for ourselves by setting you-all a deadline. However, now we have a manageable mailing list and have started getting back to the fun stuff -- talking gardens on the Forum and posting the most timely topics on the website and newsletter.

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