What's Coming Up 39: Shade trees, ash borer, invasive plants, wet areas

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Ash lost in a flash: Shade tree needed!

Wishing away emerald ash borer

Family's groundcover stretches a long way

Battle tactics for invasive perennials

Rain's a blessing, wet soil's a curse

Perennials for soggy places

Wrong rub on juniper and poison ivy

Cut back, shrubs come back from ground zero

One last weep over winterkill

Know the seedling to beat the biennial

Making faces over toads and steaming sod

Using newspaper to slug it out in the garden

Steven Speaks: The end of silent pictures?

Below: Garlic mustard seedling. In this issue, controlling this invasive biennial.




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Acer palmatum, Japanese maple winter damage WU39 Pg 9
Acorus calamus variegatus variegated false sweet flag WU39 Pg 7
Adenophora liliifolia, lady bells weeding it out WU39 Pg 4
Asclepias incarnata swamp milkweed WU39 Pg 7
bell towers, See Campanula rapunculoides, See also Adenophora
Buddleia davidii, butterfly bush pruning  WU39 Pg 8
buttonbush, See Cephalanthus
Callicarpa, beautyberry pruning  WU39 Pg 8
Caltha palustris marsh marigoldWU39 Pg 7
Campanula rapunculoides, bell towers weeding it out WU39 Pg 4
Caryopteris x clandonensis, blue mist spirea/bluebeard pruning  WU39 Pg 8
Castanea dentata, American chestnut WU39 Pg 3
Cephalanthus occidentalis, buttonbush on wet site WU39 Pg 7
Cercidiphyllum japonicum, katsura tree shade tree qualities  WU39 Pg 1-2
Chamaecyparis false cypress falsecypress winter damage WU39 Pg 9
Chelone obliqua turtlehead wet site WU39 Pg 7
chestnut American chestnut, See Castanea dentata
dangerous plants poison ivy WU39 Pg 8
dangerous plants juniper, skin irritant WU39 Pg 8
design change shade garden to sun when tree's lost WU39 Pg 1-2
design shady wet spot WU39 Pg 7
design wet site WU39 Pg 6-7           
design wet spot WU39 Pg 6-7
Deutzia pruning WU39 Pg 8
difficult sites wet site WU39 Pg 6-7
difficult shady wet site WU39 Pg 7
elm lacebark elm/Chinese elm/Japanese elm, See Ulmus parvifolia
elm Siberian elm, Ulmus pumila WU39 Pg 2
forget me not, creeping, See Myosotis scorpioides
Forsythia pruning WU39 Pg 8
Fraxinus emerald ash borer WU39 Pg 1, 3
grass ornamental cutting back in spring WU39 Pg 11
grass,  See also Lawn
groundcover growth rate, years to fill new bed WU39 Pg 3-4
growth rate trees growth compared WU39 Pg 2
Hosta wet site WU39 Pg 7
Hydrangea on wet site WU39 Pg 6-7
Hydrangea pruning WU39 Pg 8
Hydrangea winter damage WU39 Pg 9
invasive plants Adenophora liliifolia WU39 Pg 3
invasive plants Campanula rapunculoides WU39 Pg 3
invasive plants garlic mustard WU39 Pg 9
invasive plants manner of spreading WU39 Pg 3
invasive plants wet site species tend to invasiveness WU39 Pg 7
Iris pseudacorus, sweet flag  WU39 Pg 5-6
Iris versicolor, blue flag iris grown on wet site WU39 Pg 6
Juniperus juniper dangerous plant, skin irritant WU39 Pg 8
katsura tree, See Cercidiphyllum
ladybells/lilyleaf ladybells, See Adenophora, See also Campanula rapunculoides
Lavandula angustifolia lavender pruning WU39 Pg 8
lawn sod WU39 Pg 9
marsh marigold, See Caltha palustris
milkweed, swamp milkweed, See Asclepias incarnata
mock orange, See Philadelphus
Myosotis scorpioides  forget me not WU39 Pg 7
Pachysandra growth rate WU39 Pg 3-4
Pachysandra transplanting WU39 Pg 3
perennials for wet sites WU39 Pg 7
pests slugs, identification and control  WU39 Pg 9-10
pests trees suffer periodic epidemics of foreign insect or disease WU39 Pg 3
pests wood boring insects
pests emerald ash borer Pg 1, 3
Philadelphus pruning, mock orange WU39 Pg 8
Physocarpus pruning, ninebark WU39 Pg 8
poison ivy WU39 Pg 8
Polygonum bistortum, snakeweed WU39 Pg 7
pruning cut back hard, perennials WU39 Pg 8
pruning cut back hard, shrubs WU39 Pg 8
pruning renewal pruning, shrubs WU39 Pg 8
queen of the prairie, Filipendula venusta WU39 Pg 7
quote Margaret Atwood, should smell like dirt WU39 Pg 10
quote Karel Capek, bold certainty of a real gardener WU39 Pg 10
quote John William Gardner, all faced with great opportunities WU39 Pg 6
quote in spring at the end of a day WU39 Pg 10
quote opportunities... disguised as insoluble problems WU39 Pg 6
quote treads at random yet tramples on nothing WU39 Pg 10
Rodgersia wet site WU39 Pg 7
roots tuberous roots as weeds WU39 Pg 5
biennial weeds beaten by seedling I.D. WU39 Pg 9
roots, eradicating invasive plant species WU39 Pg 4-5
Salvia officinalis, culinary sage pruning WU39 Pg 8
Sambucus, elderberry on wet site WU39 Pg 7
shade tree loss changes shady garden to sunWU39 Pg 1-2
shade, wet shady site WU39 Pg 7
shrubs cut back hard WU39 Pg 8
Silphium terebinthinaceum, prairie dock WU39 Pg 6, 7
slugs identification and control, newspaper traps WU39 Pg 9-10
snakeweed, See Polygonum bistortum
Spiraea bumalda, dwarf spirea
pruning  WU39 Pg 8
Spiraea thunbergii, Japanese snowmound spirea
Spiraea pruning WU39 Pg 8
Spiraea x vanhouttei, bridal veil/snowmound spirea pruning WU39 Pg 8
variegated false sweet flag, See Acorus calamus variegatus
Syringa, lilac pruning WU39 Pg 8
transplanting groundcover from one property to another WU39 Pg 3
trees, shade trees to replace ash WU39 Pg 1-2
trees, major blight and pest issues change shade tree choices WU39 Pg 3
turf, See Lawn
blight, Dutch elm disease WU39 Pg 3
Ulmus parvifolia, lacebark elm WU39 Pg 1-2
vegetables peppers WU39 Pg 5-6
vegetables cucumbers WU39 Pg 5-6
vegetables lettuce WU39 Pg 5-6
vegetables carrot WU39 Pg 5-6
vegetables beets WU39 Pg 5-6
vegetables squash WU39 Pg 5-6
vegetables beans WU39 Pg 5-6
vegetables best-ever harvest after planted in rain WU39 Pg 5-6
water as a blessing on just-planted garden WU39 Pg 5-6
water, too much water, plants suffer WU39 Pg 6
weeds garlic mustard WU39 Pg 9
wet site, See Difficult site, See also Design
wildlife toads WU39 Pg 9
winter damage to false cypress Chamaecyparis WU39 Pg 9
winter damage to Hydrangea WU39 Pg 9
winter damage to Japanese maple WU39 Pg 9
Zelkova serrata shade tree qualities WU39 Pg 1-2


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