What's Coming Up 40: Disease resistance, see-thru arborvitae, gardening lead tainted soil, staking


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A slick approach to powdery mildew

Plant sales! Finding disease resistant plants

Not pretty: Arb's naked nether regions

Raised beds vs. high lead levels in soil

Train the clematis, stake the floppers: Innovative supports

Never too late to cut ornamental grass

Spring dividend: Renewal pruning pays off

Curing the boxwood that's ever-brown

Weeding's wonders, rosy boring realities


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In this issue you will find answers to these Search terms: 

boxwood leaf miner
browning of leaves
cane borer
chemically treated lumber, pressure treated wood
covering soil
cutting back ornamental grasses
dark veins
distortion of leaf, distorted leaves
drainage change
Elmer's glue
environmental changes
exposure to gas, exposure to chemical
fungicide for mildew control, prevention of mildew
growth conditions
growth habits
insecticidal soap
lead absorbent plants, plants that fix lead
oil sprays, horticultural oil
pale leaves, pale foliage
perennials susceptible to mildew
pest problems
poison ivy
powdery mildew
pruning late blooming clematis
pruning spring blooms, pruning spring bloomers, pruning spring blooming plants
raising beds, raised bed
reduced light
replacing soil
resistant plants
root damage
scents of spring
self-sown seedlings, volunteers
staking perennials
stunted, stunting of leaves
symptoms of powdery mildew
toxic weed removal
transplanting seedlings
treatment of powdery mildew
twiggy branches for staking
washing soil
weeding, weeds
white coating on leaves

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