Summer: What to do during the Dog Days to help yourself and the garden



These ensemble editions of our What's Up! and Grow newsletters were written for Summer. They address what people see in Summer as well as what you could be doing then to have a more beautiful, productive, easy-care garden.

  • It's Summer all over North America from Mid-July to Mid-August


What's Coming Up 2: Padded knee pants, pleated leaves, hardy mimosa tree, wheelbarrow vs. tractor


What's Coming Up 50:  July, Magnolia, new tree care, growth rate, groundcover


What's Coming Up 51: Rudbeckia, leaf spots, beech, quack grass, edging around trees, late tomatoes


What's Up 53 and 54 Not here yet! Working on it.
           See our CD Potting Up Perennials

What's Coming Up 52: Late summer color, mildew, failed hemlock's roots

What's Coming Up 103: Squash, mulch, composites, native bloom, weevils

What's Up 104 and 105: Not here yet! Working on it.
           See our CD Potting Up Perennials

What's Coming Up 106: Tomato, shady hedges, under trees, weeds, medicinal, late bloom

What's Coming Up 151:  July, In Our Garden, Slime Molds

What's Coming Up 152:  August, Herbicide Damage, First Step in Design

What's Coming up 153:  August, Pest Identification, Bees, Weeds

What's Coming Up 154:  August, Maple Cuttings, wildflowers, fertilizer

What's Coming Up 186: Pruning, and poo-poor deadheading

What's Coming Up 187: Impatiens downy mildew, prune a crab, willow, juniper

Growing Concerns 370: Ponder peat, design a landscape, fatten the hedge, sharpen the mower

Growing Concerns 525:  July, Shade garden plants

Growing Concerns 526:  July, Bamboo, Jerusalem artichokes, Japanese maple

Growing Concerns 527:  August, Grubs or dry lawn, bellflower, black spot

Growing Concerns 528:  August, Keep invasive plants out, ivy, ants and plants

Growing Concerns 576:  July, Selecting Trees

Growing Concerns 577:  July, Flowerless Climbing Rose, Suckers on Trees

Growing Concerns 578:  August, Slug Control

Growing Concerns 579:  August, Shrubs Won't Bloom, Heirloom Peonies