What's Coming Up 187: Impatiens downy mildew, prune a crab, willow, juniper

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In this issue: We let the light in by sorting out main branches. It not only makes pruning easier, it makes trees easy on the eye. 

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Impatiens downy mildew

Sad but important to report. If it has not affected you yet, it probably will. the more you know, the more chance you have to keep using these fine annuals.


Late perennials

Don't let the August blahs get you down. There are still months of perennial color left. Look at some of the best, take a list of the rest with you and go shopping!


Never too late to plant...

...and lots of good reasons to plant small, from economy to easier watering.

Much pruning:

starting with a crabapple shaped and reduced

There can be such beauty in the form of a Sargent crabapple, but it can be lost if you keep it small by continual shearing. Here we turn a Sargent onto the right path.


Cut to control blue willow

Another dwarf tree that doesn't read its catalogue description!


Juniper cut to size

One of the toughest plants to manage, cut back from too large and getting prettier with each cut.









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