What's Coming Up 2: Padded knee pants, pleated leaves, tractor trouble, hardy mimosa

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Solutions to padding a gardener's knees, pp. 1, 7

About a blackberry lily's pleated leaves, page 3

More on leafy wrinkles and pleats, page 4

Off-season learning nips trouble in the bud

Wheelbarrow beats a tractors, page 4

45 mph hardy silk tree

Why barbecue is important, lone rogue plant so annoying

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"Ironing out" a blackberry lily's creased leaf problem, pointing you to sources of padded-knee gardening pants, and revealing the identity of that late summer bloomer you may not recognize, hardy silk tree.

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Albrizia julibrissin, hardy silk tree, pg. 5
aster yellows, pg. 5
blackberry lily, Belamcanda chinensis, pleated leaves, pg. 3
citrus, mite damage, pg. 4
clothing, padded knee workpants, pp. 1-2
cold damage, can cause leaf wrinkling, wrinkled leaves, pg. 3, pg. 4
crabapple, Malus, apple scab, pg. 5
creased leaves, iris family plants, pg. 3
dieback, foliage, leaves die, pg. 5
disease, virus can distort leaves, g. 4
drought, can affect leaves, wrinkled leaves, pg. 3
drought, defenses, pg. 4
Hunt, Marian, (Marian Hunt) on mimosa tree, pg. 5
leaves, puckering as defense mechanism,pg. 4
leaves, succulent leaves as drought defense, pg. 4
mimosa tree, hardy silk tree, pg. 5
mite damage, citrus plants, pg 4
mite damage, mite feeeding can distort leaves, pg. 4
ornamental kale, Brassica, pg. 4
Pelargonium, annual geranium, puckered leaves, pg .4
Paeonia, peony botrytis, pg. 5
peony, puckered leaves, pg. 5
pesticide damage distorts foliage, pg. 4
pesticide, research application and side effects before use, pg. 5
potato, puckered leaves, pg. 4
spots, leaf spots, pg. 5
strawberrry, Fragaria, mite damage, pg. 4
tomato, puckered leaves, pg. 4
tools, considering manual tools vs. power tools, pg. 4
tractor, damage to soil, pg. 4
virus, puckered leaves on tomato, pg. 4
wilt, wilted leaves, foliage droops, pg. 5

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