Winter: What gardeners notice and what they can do when it's coldest


These ensemble editions of our What's Up! and Grow newsletters were written for Winter. They address what people see in Winter as well as what they could be doing then to have a more beautiful, productive, easy-care garden.

  • It's Winter when the days are the coldest and shortest of the year

  • In many places in North America, that's in January and early February.

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What's Coming Up 23: Gardening in two climates, tours, soil tests, daffs

What's Coming Up 26: tree choice, shady birdy evergreens, pruning, tree swing

What's Coming Up 24, 25, and 27: Not here yet! Working on it.
           See our CD Asking About Asters

What's Coming Up 78, 79, and 80 Not here yet! Working on it.
           See our CD Potting Up Perennials 

What's Coming Up 77: January, Mealybugs, Gerbera, overwintering, pruning

What's Coming Up 128:  January, Spider Mites, Ice/Slush Damages Shrubs

What's Coming Up 129: January, Moving House Plants, Pests

What's Coming Up 130: February, Clean indoor Plants, Year-Round Garden

What's Coming Up 13 1: February, Late Winter Planning, Cleaning Tools

What's Coming Up 170: Prune magnolia, pruning books, Rose Bowl, winter chores, design

What's Coming Up 171: Flat-top fir, protect maple, photo quiz, popcorn plant, peat

What's Coming Up 172: Warm winter, nightlights, serviceberry, bathing houseplants, bare twig I.D.

What's Coming Up 173: Passion vine has scale, endangered plants, pothos

What's Coming Up 195: Annual report, winter damage, birds, snowplay

What's Coming Up 196: Overstuffed winter storage, thaw advice, easiest best perennials, lists, design

SnowHpyNwYr4456.jpg IrisNiceYDivsn6991s.jpg

What's Coming Up 206: Iris crossroad, killer holiday lights, design by lines

What's Coming Up 207: Quotes to end winter

Growing Concerns 498: January, Box elder, control, gardening predictions

Growing Concerns 499: January, Box elder, pest control

Growing Concerns 500: January, Kiss of Polygonum orientale, holly sex

Growing Concerns 501: February, Plumbago, Duranta, leaf problem diagnosis

Growing Concerns 502: February, Plant names game

Growing Concerns 550:  January, Planting and Fertilizing Cautions

Growing Concerns 551:  January, Lucky Bamboo Easy to Grow

Growing Concerns 552:  January, Reviving Groundcover Bed

Growing Concerns 553:  February, Peace Lily Trouble Solved

Growing Concerns 554:  February, Order Plants by Mail

Growing Concerns 601:  January, Spindly Christmas Cactus, Rose Dusty White

Growing Concerns 602:  January, Evergreen hedge

Growing Concerns 603:  January, Jasmine Blooms, Ivy and Silver Maple 

Growing Concerns 604:  January, Acid-loving Plants

Growing Concerns 605:  February, White pine, topping, root rot

Growing Concerns 756: February: Fungus gnats, indoor plant watering, tomato from seed, cut down grass, mail order fun, snowy mulch