What's Coming Up 170: Prune magnolia, pruning books, Rose Bowl, winter chores, design

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Sweetbay magnolia (M. virginiana) has large flowers that are not usually borne in abundance but which develop and bloom now and then throughout spring and summer. The light lemon scent is a bonus. 

Taking the mystery out of pruning and moving a romantic tree, and delighting in the detail of Rose Bowl decorations

All of the articles published this week are listed below and available by selecting the link. However, this week's articles were also compiled in a single pdf* from the time before we had this website; that pdf file is available here to be downloaded

Clippers minimize Magnolia, prune for more graceful form

Many Magnolias!

An illustrated Magnolia pruning

Sifting pruning books for best advice

Tipsy turvy winter activities: Hey, the ground's not frozen; let's dig, mulch, grill!

Boxed beech mystery

Petal play for the Rose Bowl decorations

Up with snow, down with spaceless designs

Yew must be kidding, that's huge!

Design resolutions and garage observations: In the pdf edition of What's Coming Up 170


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