What's Coming Up 172: Warm winter, nightlights, serviceberry, bathing houseplants, bare twig I.D.

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Serviceberry has delicious fruit, but good luck beating the critters to it! This issue xx 

Warm winter, planning ahead, considering zone maps, serviceberries and houseplant baths

All of the articles published this week are listed below and available by selecting the link. However, this week's articles were also compiled in a single pdf* from the time before we had this website; that pdf file is available here to be downloaded as a package.

What's cookin' in a warm winter?

Summer of unplanned glad-ness from gladiolas

Zone map madness

Winter's for transplanting: Ice yields, maple moves

When nightlights meet roses

Tip cuttings: greenhouses & hedge lists

Right serviceberry, sweet reward: Winter robins and everybody's berries

Groundhog Day stirrings

No-grime time: Give houseplants a bath

New stuff &Zombies in the garden?!

Mulberry admirable in leaflessness

Thumbs up recognizable live wood, thumbs down to brazen bunnies





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