You want a greenhouse, a big investment

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When we look into greenhouses we see so many features that would be nice, and probably there are more to be considered. 

So it pays to think about...

...what? We think we know what design features, options and conveniences we have seen that we might want for our own greenhouse -- if we could have one! Yet there are so many we probably haven't thought about.

Also, we haven't done the shopping. Two good friends who did, have had their greenhouse and conservatory long enough that their suupliers, and their route to find them, aren't really helpful. So we've asked at the Forum for help. If you have thoughts in answer to these or other questions for greenhouse shoppers, would you go post them at the Forum? Some reports are coming in already. We'll compile and report back here when we have a comprehensive list.


If you own a greenhouse or conservatory we would love to know:

Did you begin by reading catalogs, or architecture guides, or what?

What features and accessories are you most glad you have, and which have been disappointing or not worth the cost?

We have heard that heat mats and sodium lights are good to have...

GreenhsWireBench3532s.jpg  GrnhsAisles3526s.jpg

We notice and add to our list: The grillwork benches (let debris fall through!), and the wide, hard floored aisles (good to have elbow room, especially for that day when we may be navigating them with a walking support or chair). This is looking into one of the greenhouses at Oldfields Estate at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. What about the shade cloth bunched up in the center of the "ceiling" -- perhaps set up to roll out automatically when the temperature rises. Worth the cost? What alternatives are there?


Down the side of this greenhouse are cold frames, to protect those things that need just a bit of protection in winter. We can make one with four bales of straw and an old glass window, but wouldn't it be heaven to have such a set-up as this?


Simpler is probably better for most of us!