What's Coming Up 196: Overstuffed winter storage, thaw advice, best easiest perennials, lists, design

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So many new perennials every year. Which to choose? Which to use, where? This week we feature our reviews of new perennials with advice and lots of lists for making your own selections. 

January 27, 2013

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This week we posted these items in What's Up
We hope you enjoy them, 8 new articles illustrated with 109 new images:

Garage green but carless: Guarding against an over-the-top winter garden stash.

Choosing perennials: What's on our wish list, why. A joint review with a pro grower.

More new perennials

Perennials lists: A library of downloads

Easiest best perennials: Great illustrated chart, especially nice for new homeowner.

Design a perennial bed

Perennial realities: How to ignore the brown or cut it down

Thaw's Ups and Downs: Don't make trouble when it gets warm!

Cold-acclimated house plants: Time helps them weather the draft


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We do a lot of cooking in winter to make and freeze what we need to eat fast but healthy during our busier seasons. Something we've learned working side by side with knives in small spaces while days and tempers are short is that things can get dicey in more ways than one. Thus we stay tuned for any sign of cabin fever... and this week we detected it in our email.

So we've included some advice against winter-risky behavior in Garage Green but Carless, and Thaw's Ups and Downs, along with fun stuff about choosing new plants, designing with perennials and the easiest, best perennials.

Please take a look at that Easiest Best list. It's in our new format an Excel-using gardener can customize and grow on. We hope you will relay it to new homeowners like those whose email it's based on. Let's help the next generation of gardeners with practical, non-commercial information.

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