What's Coming Up 206: Iris crossroad, killer holiday lights, design by lines in the sand

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Simpler than paper, easier to imagine, completely erasable. 

January 22, 2014

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In What's Coming Up 206, we posted:

Groundhog day approaches...

...and winter wanes. It seems a jest to some people to celebrate February 2 but gardeners know better. The day's lengthened to the point that indoor plants notice and resume growing. Outside, that same increase in light entices capped buds to swell and draw moisture, so the sap begins to rise. The willow and dogwood twigs begin to glow.

Come prune with us in a thaw, meet us for a winter conference, or reserve a date for hands-on learning at a Garden by Janet & Steven. Check our website calendar and please notice the three Secrets workshops beginning May 2.

Mentors' magic: Draw a line in sand

Creating a landscape design is simple if you enlist the child within to go paint the snow or scratch in the sand. Good for daydream plans as well as disaster recovery. See it happen! 

Big Mistake, Big Lesson:
Allowed iris into the kitchen

A man leaves for the grocery store and comes home to find his kitchen full up of iris projects: Testing viability after a freeze, dividing, controlling rot, investigating insects. Good stuff but in my kitchen?!

Holiday lights can kill your trees

You've heard it before, so don't delay. Unwrap the trees before spring.

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In addition, twenty-one issues have been added to the library or illustrated during the last three months. Issue #206 provided links to those issues' 100+ articles and hundreds of photos. All are now accessible on-site with just a click or a keyword Search:

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