What's Coming Up 23: Two-climate gardeners, garden tours, soil, too-big tree, daffs


Ten tips for two-climate gardeners*, such as those who winter where it's warmer

It's a great garden tour where the mouse does the walking

Touch tests for learning more about your soil

Forced no more, daffodils can live free outside

Smile about removing and replacing a tree

More mail order nurseries for the A-list

Use old fertilizer & pity zone 8 gardeners


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Ten steps we take to begin two-climate gardening:

Two-climate gardener: A person who creates and maintains gardens in two places with significant differences in growing season and growing conditions.

In this issue we cover the why and how of these steps, from how to find gardens to learn from, where to connect with experts, and to what to ask as you tap into each resource:

  1. Check weather as well as hardiness zone.
  2. Locate some public gardens that have...
  3. Find at least two garden centers near your alternate climate home.
  4. Visit garden centers looking for...
  5. Visit local gardens paying attention to...
  6. Locate local experts.
  7. Test your soil for....
  8. Tour your neighborhood, howdy-ing and photo-ing.
  9. Plant some plants you already know.
  10. Plant to celebrate the differences between your two gardens.


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