What's Coming Up 26: Tree choices, roots, cuts, swings, evergeens for shade and birds


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Choosing a front yard tree
Evergreens for a shady, bird-friendly yard
Pruning roots: The dark science
Out on a limb to hang a swing
Ice storms, a weighty topic
Pruning? Hold the paint!
Gardener, glue that rose!
More possibilities for problematic pachysandra
Washing plants, snooping voles
Proper pruning: Help a tree heal

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Abies balsamea
Acer buergerianum
apple scab
apple tree
attracting wildlife
balsam fir
beetles related to oak wilt disease
black gum
black tar on tree wounds
branch bark collar
branch wood
branches die on dogwood
buy a large tree
buy a small tree
callery pear
Cercis canadensis
Cheryl Bennerup
children's swing in tree
Chinese elm
Choosing a front yard tree
Cladrastis kentuckea, Cladrastis kentukea
Cleveland pear
Cornus florida
Cornus kousa
crabapple Adams
crabapple Prairifire
crabapple Sugartyme
critical roots
cut tree roots to pave driveway
de-icing salt
decay in tree wounds painted, wounds not painted
deicing salt
design tree's background
diameter of root system compared to diameter of trunk
dig Japanese maple
disease identification
disease-resistant trees, disease resistance
dressing for tree wounds
drip line
dwarf grapeholly
dwarf white pine
dwarf yew evergreens for shade
evergreens for a shady, bird-friendly yard
evergreens to attract birds
Extension service bulletins
flare root
flowering dogwood loses limbs
furniture: it's a plant, not furniture
glue that rose!
glue on raspberry cane cuts
glue to seal pruning cuts
grapeholly fruit
hang a swing in a tree
hang swing without hurting tree
how big tree should be at planting time
ice damage
ice on branches
ice storms, a weighty topic
Ilex crenata
Japanese holly
Japanese tree lilac
knotty lumber
kousa dogwood
Mahonia aquifolium compactum
male and female grapeholly
more possibilities for problematic pachysandra
move Japanese maple
natural predators of voles
Nyssa sylvatica
oak wilt disease
one-third pruning rule
ornamental tree
out on a limb to hang a swing
owls as vole control
Oxydendrum arboreum
Pachysandra Euonymus scale
Pachysandra lecanium scale
pachysandra scale
paint oak tree pruning wounds
paint pruning wounds
pest identification
pine for shade
Pinus strobus nana
proper pruning cut
proper pruning: Help a tree heal
protected neighborhood
prune, pruning
pruning roots: The dark science
pruning? Hold the paint!
pyramidal yew
Pyrus calleryana
raspberry pruning
replace front yard tree
resin anti-fungal and insecticidal
rhododendrons in shade
rhododendrons in wind
rinse plants
rinse salt from outdoor plants
root pruning
root tips
rose pruning
rules for root pruning
salt residue on plants
scab-resistant apple trees, scab resistance
scale insects
scale on Pachysandra
sealant for rose canes
shade tree
shady site
shower houseplants
Syringa reticulata
Taxus cuspidata Capitata
Taxus x media Everlow
transplant Japanese maple
treatment of pruning wounds
tree branch strength related to angle
tree paint
tree stability
tree swing
tree swing
tree walling off damaged wood
trident maple
trunk wood
Ulmus parvifolia
vole damage
wash dust from leaves
washing plants, snooping voles
weight of ice
weight tree branch can bear
wildlife friendly
windy site
wound wood, woundwood

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Below: In What's Coming Up 26 is the full story of the cut and how a tree can close over even a large cut if the branch bark collar is left in place.

BarkCollarShade0024s.jpg CollarTriesClosingA2626s.jpg CollarClosingB2653s.jpg CollarClosedC2630s.jpg

WoundWood1small.jpg WoundWood2cropsml.jpg WoundWood3small.jpg