Teach a little, learn a lot

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Above, left: We clipped the seed pods from this blackeye Susan vine (Thunbergia alata) and treated it to fish emulsion. Above, right: Three weeks passed, and then a child reminded us to stay the course. 

Green Thumbs Up

To teaching someone, because then both parties grow.

Three weeks ago Janet deadheaded and cut back annuals, explaining what she was doing as a child looked over her shoulder. Not that four month old Elizabeth is ready to take on garden chores...

This week Elizabeth proved that "teachers grow" when she reached out and began to pluck the seed pods, presumably because she'd seen Janet do it.

So now, Elizabeth can deadhead and Janet knows to choose her words and directions with care.

Below, left, Perfessor Elizabeth Jane speaks: "Ahem, Grandma, I believe you said these pods should come off..."
Below, right: "...or else the plant will look poopy."

ThunbergElizLectrN6959s.jpg ThunbElizCritqN6960s.jpg


"And while we're at it, Grandma, this one needs attention, too. It does, as you predicted, look better now..." (For more of Elizabeth's opinions...)


"Or I can do it. That is, if your offer of clippers still stands from a few weeks ago?"

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